Friday, January 11, 2013

10 Lies Truthers Tell

The 9/11 conspiracy theories are probably some of the most thoroughly debunked conspiracy theories out there, with thousands of people devoting hundreds of hours to debunk these theories. Some of these theories have been debunked for so long, and so early on, and have such clear evidence (including photographic evidence) that they can only be best described as lies.

Here is what could be considered 10 of the biggest lies people in the 9/11 Truth movement (or Truthers, as they are commonly called) tell:

(Author's note: these are just the 10 I remembered off of my head. There are actually a lot more than this.)

10. There were pools and rivers of molten steel at the WTC site.

No there wasn't. There are satellite pictures of hot spots where the towers stood, and pictures of steel beams that were red hot, but never any pictures of molten steel, nor has anyone who was actually at the site after the towers fell have ever claimed to have seen pools and rivers of molten steel.

The satellite pictures that show these hot spots show that those areas were actually places where underground fires were, and not molten steel because the temperature of the heat being given off from those areas was not hot enough to cause steel to melt.

9. No plane was witnessed hitting the Pentagon.

Actually there are multiple witnesses to the plane hitting the Pentagon. There is also video taken from a security camera that, while it is very difficult to tell for many people, does show a plane hitting the Pentagon.

8. No pieces of American Airlines Flight 77 was ever found at the Penatgon.

Actually much of the plane was recovered, including remains of the passengers on board (including the five hijackers), and the flight recorder (although damaged to the point where nothing usable could be recovered on it). In fact there are actually photos of pieces of the planes that were being recovered from the crash site and removed from the site for further investigation.

7. The towers fell at free fall speeds.

No they didn't. The towers fell at speeds slower then free fall. There are videos that show the towers falling at free fall speeds, but these videos have had their speed altered to make it look like they are falling at free fall speeds.

6. The towers imploded.

No they didn't. If you were to watch any videos of the towers collapsing then you would see that the towers collapsed on top of themselves rather then implode into themselves, the results of which spewed out a lot of debris over the site, heavily damaging many of the other buildings there.

5. The towers were designed the withstand the impact of a Boeing 707 and should have survived the impacts.

It's true that the towers were designed to survive the impact from a Boeing 707, but only if it was going at landing speeds (180 mph) and was low on fuel. The Boeing 767's that stuck the towers are not only larger then the Boeing 707, they stuck at a much higher speed, thus there was more energy transferred into the impact then what the buildings had been designed to withstand, nor did the engineers who had helped design the towers believe that the towers would be burning so intensely from so much jet fuel for the amount of time that they were.

4. Explosives were heard being used in the WTC towers.

While explosions were heard inside the the towers, they are attributed to things other then explosives, such as transformers and cleaning chemicals. Besides that, no one should be alive if they actually were inside the buildings and heard explosives going off. Those people would have been killed when the towers collapsed.

3. Former CIA operatives have confessed to being part of, or having knowledge of a cover-up.

As far as I am aware only one person, a woman by the name of Susan Lindauer, has claimed to have worked for the CIA (as well as the DIA) and to have knowledge of a cover-up. There are two big problems with this: First, there is no proof she ever worked for either the CIA or the DIA, and second, she is mentally ill. In fact she was declared unfit for trial twice after she was accused in 2003 of acting as a unregistered lobbyist for the Iraqi Intelligence Agency, and engaging in prohibited financial transactions with the government of Iraq under the control of Saddam Hussein.

The charges against Lindauer were dropped against her in early 2009 only because the government decided that there was no longer any point to try to take her to trial anymore.

2. WTC 7 was ordered to be demolished.

WTC 7 was not ordered to be demolished.

The reason why so many people in the 9/11 Truth movement believe that it was is because of an order was given to "pull it" a few minutes before the tower collapsed.

While many in the 9/11 Truth Movement claim that "pull it" is a demolition term to bring down a building, it is not. "Pull it" is an evacuation order. In other words all the fire fighters were ordered to get out of the building because it was determined that the building was going to collapse in a matter of minutes (which it did).

1. Red/gray chips and small iron spheres at the WTC site are indications that explosives were used.

Actually the red/gray chips that have been found at the site have been test and proven to be epoxy resins, paint chips, and rust chips.

The small iron spheres are actually the result of heat rust particles due to the heat from the intense heat brought on by the fires of the burning jet. Rust particles also have a lower melting point than steel, which the temperatures from the jet fueled filled fires were able to generate.

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