Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Many Common Traits I've noticed with FEMA Camp claims

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There are a lot of claims on websites that promote the FEMA Camp conspiracy theories and the locations of the alleged interment/concentration/prison camps. From my research into these locations, many of these websites have very common trends to them and the locations that are posted.

Here are some things that I have found to be quite common with these location claims, and the websites that promote them:

The claims about these alleged FEMA camp locations tend to be all alike, word by word.

Many of these websites "expose" these "locations" appear to do a lot of copying and pasting of these claims from other websites. Many times these claims are exactly the same, including misspellings, and lack of any real research.

Many websites list completely bogus locations.

While many websites misidentify what a location is, or what's at a location, some of the locations that are claimed never had what was claimed to be there to being with. A good example of this would be the claim that there is a renovated Japanese interment camp in Josephine County, Oregon. There was never a Japanese interment camp in Josephine County, Oregon, and thus the claim is bogus.

Many websites that list locations sometimes have little to no information on those locations.

I've seen a lot of location claims that have very little, to next to none, to no information about the location what so ever. Even the most detailed of claims often are only have about two to three of sentences worth, and provide no in depth details, or creditable evidence to back up the claim that the location is in fact an interment/concentration/prison camp.

Any true facts given about a location still fails to prove anything.

Yes, sometimes these websites will actually list facts about a location. The problem is that these facts are often muddled with unproven allegations. Even when they aren't, they still do not prove that the location is a FEMA camp.

Area 51 is not listed as a FEMA camp location.

This one surprised me. Despite all of the conspiracy theories that have been made about this place, being a FEMA camp location is apparently not one of them...

There are often more claims of total locations then there are locations listed.

Many web sites claim there are 600 to over 800 known locations for these alleged prison camps, yet these websites never include that many locations in their locations list. Of course many websites will contain a kind of "disclaimer" about those missing locations by putting up something like this near or at the bottom of their list:
  • There are many other locations not listed above that are worthy of consideration as a possible detention camp site, but due to space limitations and the time needed to verify, could not be included here. Virtually all military reservations, posts, bases, stations, & depots can be considered highly suspect (because it is "federal" land). Also fitting this category are "Regional Airports" and "International Airports" which also fall under federal jurisdiction and have limited-access areas. Mental hospitals, closed hospitals & nursing homes, closed military bases, wildlife refuges, state prisons, toxic waste dumps, hotels and other areas all have varying degrees of potential for being a detention camp area. The likelihood of a site being suspect increases with transportation access to the site, including airports/airstrips, railheads, navigable waterways & ports, interstate and US highways. Some facilities are "disguised" as industrial or commercial properties, camouflaged or even wholly contained inside large buildings (Indianapolis) or factories. Many inner-city buildings left vacant during the de-industrialization of America have been quietly acquired and held, sometimes retrofitted for their new uses.
Basically they are saying that everywhere you go, there is a FEMA camp.

Many of the location claims have been around for years.

During my research I've noticed that many of these location claims have been around for a very long time, in some cases well over a decade now, and yet the claims are nearly the same, with no new information.

Rex 84 and several Executive Orders are often listed to try to help prove the existence of these FEMA camps.

Yes, our government has done some pretty messed up things in the past, and Rex 84 is one of them, but from what I understand of Rex 84 it was a thought experiment that was created in 1984 (back when the Cold War was still hot) about what would need to be done if in the unlikely event of large scale civil unrest, and that no actual military training was done. Go here to learn more.

As for the Executive Orders, these websites tend to only give the author's summarized version of the Executive Order, which is often times only a sentence about one part that is often taken out of context of something that can be several pages long. What they usually do not give is a link to the actual Executive Order itself. They also don't tell you if the Executive Order has been revoked or not either, which many of them listed happen to be.

No location claims are ever taken down when proven to be false or out right bogus.

While you might see a new "location" being posted, you'll most likely never see one taken down after they have been proven to be completely false and/or bogus.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Piers Morgan, Alex Jones interview: My take

On January 7, 2013, Piers Morgan on his CNN show Piers Morgan Tonight, conducted an interview (or at least attempted to) with radio host and world famous conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, both because Jones is vehemently opposed to any gun control laws, and because Jones is one of the people behind a petition to deport Morgan back to the UK because he is a vocal supporter of more gun control in this country.

Besides the petition being another example of why Alex Jones apparently only respects the first amendment when someone doesn't say something positive about something that he opposes, or negative about something that he supports, the interview clearly shows what many skeptics have known for the past decade: Alex Jones is a nutcase.

While many people were probably shocked by Alex's behavior on the show, most of his supporters and opponents (especially those in the skeptics community) were not shocked at all. In fact most skeptics would probably have been shocked if he had not acted like that.

Alex pretty much didn't do the gun rights lobby any help. In fact one comment I saw on a Facebook group I belong to said it best about what Alex accomplished due to the interview:

  • "Jones made the strongest argument yet for both strict gun control and vastly improving mental health care."

And indeed he did.

Alex Jones is probably one of the worst people there is to support any movement (legit or not) what so ever due to his seemingly natural ability to twist things and to throw in things that have nothing to with the subject at hand, or something that is completely made up, while adding in the occasional vague threat.

His loud, paranoid, and conspiracy theory filled rantings during that interview is only going to make a lot believe (or validate) that people like Alex Jones is what the gun rights lobby attracts, and that at least people like Alex shouldn't even own a water gun, much less an AR-15 (which I have to agree with), and that we do need stricter gun control laws and we need to improve the mental health care system (which Alex also opposes. Not improving it, but the whole system because he believes that psychologists are evil, and that psychiatric drugs are harmful).

Regardless of whether or not Alex unknowingly and unwillingly helped the gun control lobby, and the mental health care lobby, he did do one positive thing that night: he showed the world that he is a complete nutcase that no one should ever take seriously.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Blaming Video Games... Again

After the shooting at Sandy Hook elementary many people began looking for someone, or something, to blame (most likely because the killer (and I will not mention his name in this article) took his own life and the public wants some sort of sense of justice) and there are a lot of things they are blaming.

While the main focus of "blame" is on gun control laws and improving mental health care, people are also focusing their blame on videos games (just like they did after the Columbine massacre).

The particular is on violent video games, and while the killer did play video games in high school, it's not clear if he played video games into his adulthood, nor is it known if he played violent video games.

Even if the killer did play violent video games for hours on end, it doesn't mean that it caused the killer to take his mother's guns, go to a nearby school, and murder a bunch of kids and teachers. He probably would have done it anyways regardless of if he never watched any type of violent media what so ever.

If video games caused young people to become violent killers, then there would be more school shootings then there really are (and by the way, the media does tend to sensationalize this stuff. School shootings are actually very rare) because lots of teenagers play violent video games. In fact I played violent video games with my friends when I was a teenager, and it never made any of us violent. If anything those games kept us from going out and getting into trouble.

Video games do not cause people to become violent. What causes people to become violent is either long term exposure to real violence (not imaginary violence), psychological issues, drug addiction, or a combination of two or all three.

The reality is that video games (and also music, movie, and television, which are also some things that some people are claiming influenced the killer to do what he did) do not cause people to become violent, and there is no evidence that it does, and by all appearances this is nothing more then a moral panic by people who think that seeing fictional violence will cause kids to commit real violence, much like how some people back in the 1980's believed that playing Dungeons & Dragons would cause teenagers to convert to paganism and Satanism, or that reading Harry Potter would cause kids to start practicing witchcraft.

No video game in the world, no matter how violent it is, is going to influence someone to go out and kill a bunch of people, the same as keeping kid away from any exposure to violence is going to keep them from becoming a psychopath that kills a bunch of people.

One more note: Most video games are violent, be it either cartoonish, or realistic. Heck, the first video game I ever played, Super Mario Bros, would be considered violent, but it never caused to want to go and jump on top of people's heads and throw fire balls at them. If any negative things happened to me from playing video games then it would be that I would sometimes play them for hours on end (much like many people do today).

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Watergate and Iran-Contra: Two conspiracies that help disprove conspiracies theories

Watergate and Iran-Contra. They were perhaps two of the biggest conspiracies to come out of the later half of the 20th century, and because they are so well known many conspiracy theorists often times cite these two proven conspiracies in an attempt to prove that the government conspiracy theories that they believe in are real, or at the very least show that the government is capable of covering up a conspiracy.

While Watergate and Iran-Contra are in fact two very good examples that shows that high ranking officials in the government are capable of criminal conspiracies, the reality is that it does not prove that the government is capable of covering up a conspiracy so well that no one knows about and/or no one can find any evidence that actually proves that the conspiracy is real. If anything, it proves the exact opposite, because of:

1. These two conspiracies have been proven in courts of law.

2. People went to prison because of their involvement in these conspiracies, and one presidency ended, while another was tarnished (in fact 70 people were convicted as a result of the Watergate scandal).

3. These two conspiracies involved a lot less people then many of the unproven and/or disproved (and much larger) government conspiracy theories that are being floated around, and still got found out.

4. The evidence of these conspiracies were exposed by people who were apart of the conspiracy, or worked for the government and managed to get a hold of documents proving the existence of these conspiracies.

Now there are some real and proven conspiracies that are often also cited by conspiracy theorists that are a little bit better examples to cite in terms of government cover-ups, such as MKULTRA and COINTELPRO, but even then these two conspiracies got exposed, and they involved a lot more people then then Watergate and Iran-Contra. Plus, these conspiracies were all exposed before the age of the internet, and back then you actually had to investigate claims rather then go to some website that may or may not have accurate information.

If anything I would say that Watergate and Iran-Contra are two of the worst examples that conspiracy theorists can use in an attempt to prove that the government can cover something up.

Unlike with MKULTRA and COINTELPRO, Watergate and Iran-Contra got exposed relativity quickly, and people did go prison as a result of their involvement. The fact that people did go to prison in both of those cases actually proves that no one in the government is above the law and/or has absolute power.

Even MKULTRA and COINTELPRO are not very good examples either, as both not only were exposed, but both were actually shut down by the government after they were exposed and there was a public outcry over these two programs.

In my opinion using proven conspiracies are really bad examples of trying to prove that the really big government conspiracy theories exist, and the reason for that is that it actually shows that the government is not as good at covering up stuff as many conspiracy theorists believe the government is capable of, and that even with a small amount of people involved, a conspiracy can still be exposed, even without the internet.

Friday, January 18, 2013

25 Reasons why Coffee is better than Beer

In honor of one of my favorite restaurants, CUPS Coffee & Tea, I present to all of you 25 reason why coffee is better then beer:

25. Coffee doesn't cause you to tell random strangers that you love them.

24. Coffee doesn't make you throw up your last few meals if you've drunk a lot of it.

23. You can have coffee before noon.

22. No one has ever "drunk texted" from drinking coffee.

21. People who drink coffee have drastically less embarrassing online photos then people who drink beer.

20. If you come home smelling like coffee, no one gives you grief over it.

19. If you're a teenager, no police officer will ever arrest you for drinking coffee on a street corner.

18. No police officer will ever ask you to step out of your car if they see a cup of coffee in your cup holder.

17. No cashier ever asks for your ID when you go to buy coffee.

16. The age of enlightenment began when coffee (along with tea) became the most common breakfast drink. Before then beer was the most common breakfast drink.

15. No one has ever ended up being naked in a jail cell after a night of drinking coffee

14. Decaffeinated coffee taste a lot better than non-alcoholic beer.

13. Coffee doesn't cause people to get into fist fights.

12. No one has ever died from drinking to much coffee.

11. Unlike with beer, if you drink coffee until 2:00 AM, you don't wake up in the morning with a spliting headache and being unable to remember what you did last night.

10. If you tell someone you're addicted to coffee, they don't annoy you by telling you to go to AA.

9. You don't end up dancing like an idiot at a wedding from drinking to much coffee.

8. You don't need hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of equipment to make homemade coffee.

7. You can't add flavored milk to beer.

6. If you drink two or three cups of coffee within an hour and then drive, you're not breaking any laws.

5. You're not risking getting fired by drinking coffee at work.

4. If you drink coffee in the morning, none of your friends or family members will ask you to go to rehab.

3. Beer can only be served ice cold. Coffee can be served both hot and ice cold.

2. You don't accidentally sleep with someone you shouldn't as a result of drinking to much coffee.

1. Your local barista will never tell you that you've had to much coffee to drink.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mike Adams 20 "predictions" for 2013: My Analysis

Mike Adams, best known for promoting conspiracy theories, quackery, and alternate medicine woo, has made 20 "predictions" for 2013.

Read his predictions

Here are his predictions, and my analysis of those predictions:

#1) The global debt collapse arrives

This has been being predicted for what, the past 5 years now? This is a soft prediction. It might happen, it might. Odds are it probably won't.

#2) Obama administration attempts to gut the Second Amendment

You mean like he has for the last 4 years? Assault weapons and clips that hold more then 10 rounds might get banned, but that's about it.

#3) Martial Law declared across America

Same as it was 2012, 2011, 2010...

#4) Extreme shortages of guns, ammo, magazines as their barter value skyrockets

Only if arms manufacturers stop making guns and ammo (which looks highly unlikely as business for them is up).

#5) Tactical weapon strikes target Iran

This is another soft prediction. Considering the political climate between Iran and the United States it may or may not happen.

#6) Massive false flag attack carried out in USA and blamed on patriots

Besides the fact that Mike has failed to prove that any false flag attacks have ever been carried out in the United States, so far there hasn't been a major terrorist attack in the US since 9/11/2001. In fact the last few times a lot of people got killed in an act of mass murdered, the murders were often committed by someone that was insane.

#7) DHS arms the TSA and begins insane abuses of Americans on roadway checkpoints

If that were to happen (and most likely it wouldn't) then state law makers would take action and basically kick the TSA out of their states (or severely restrict them). Besides, if the government intended to do this, then why did they not do this years ago?

#8) The rise of the Resistance: Secret resistance groups begin to form across America

People have been doing this in this country for the last 20 or 30 some odd years. This isn't something new, but it does seem to have been increasing for the last few years thanks in part to a bunch of anti-government propaganda being spread around by people like Mike Adams.

#9) Attacks on the First Amendment accelerate as government seizes websites

The only major website the government has seized in the last couple of years was Megaupload, and is because they hardly ever took down any copyrighted content. If the government wanted to seize and shut down sites like Infowars and NaturalNews, it would have done so by now.

#10) The rise of violent rhetoric among the population as disagreements turn to threats

In my opinion this is just simply Mike's attempt to further divide Americans based on political beliefs. And by the way, violent rhetoric and threats between two groups of opposing views have been going on for years. This is nothing new at all.

#11) Global government makes its move

Just like in 2012, 2011, 2010...

#12) Accelerated mainstream media attacks on patriots, preppers and veterans

Two words: Fox News... And shows like Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Venture, and Doomsday Preppers

#13) Disagreement with the government characterized a “mental disorder”

If that is true then I must be insane... The fact is that everyone disagrees with the government every now and then. It's highly doubtful the government would label everyone as being mentally ill.

#14) Continued rise in unemployment, food stamps, welfare as Obama accelerates deliberate destruction of U.S. economy

The economy is still pretty bad off, I admit that, but so far nothing President Obama has done has been something to intentionally accelerate the destruction of the US economy. This is just more propaganda.

#15) Criminalization of preparedness activities as government outlaws ammo storage of private citizens

Lots of people in the US go through with preparedness activities, many of them for practical reasons. It's highly doubtful the US government will actually arrest people for storing food and ammo.

#16) Riots in the streets, followed by Martial Law

That assumes massive riots will break out in the first place...

#17) Deliberate food shortages used as a weapon of government control

This is assuming that the private farms and businesses that own the majority of food production in this country would even allow this to happen.

#18) Weather becomes even more radicalized, with droughts, floods, freezes

This is basically another soft prediction. Based on the past weather events for the last few years, this might be the only thing that actually happens that Mike Adams is predicting. Of course the fact is that Mike cannot predict what the weather will be like several months into the future, and I know this because he is not a trained meteorologist, and plus the meteorologist at my local news station can't even predict the weather when it is happening!!! Why would Mike be able to make an accurate prediction on this himself?

#19) Solar weather gets nasty: Solar flares threaten communications

This could happen. This might not. This is another soft prediction, but it is based on calculations by many scientists who study the history of the sun and solar flares.

#20) You will be told the answer to all our problems is “MORE government!"

Lots of people say this. It's an opinion by some people, nothing more.

My conclusion to all of this is that this is just a bunch of fear mongering and the same old failed "predictions" and anti-government propaganda that has been for years claimed by conspiracy theorists like Mike Adams that will eventually happen, and it never does happen.

These predictions have been peppered with soft predictions that might or might not come true in order to make the other predictions/propaganda seem more credible.

The reality is that no one can predict the future, and I would be surprised if even one of the soft predictions were to happen.

Friday, January 11, 2013

10 Lies Truthers Tell

The 9/11 conspiracy theories are probably some of the most thoroughly debunked conspiracy theories out there, with thousands of people devoting hundreds of hours to debunk these theories. Some of these theories have been debunked for so long, and so early on, and have such clear evidence (including photographic evidence) that they can only be best described as lies.

Here is what could be considered 10 of the biggest lies people in the 9/11 Truth movement (or Truthers, as they are commonly called) tell:

(Author's note: these are just the 10 I remembered off of my head. There are actually a lot more than this.)

10. There were pools and rivers of molten steel at the WTC site.

No there wasn't. There are satellite pictures of hot spots where the towers stood, and pictures of steel beams that were red hot, but never any pictures of molten steel, nor has anyone who was actually at the site after the towers fell have ever claimed to have seen pools and rivers of molten steel.

The satellite pictures that show these hot spots show that those areas were actually places where underground fires were, and not molten steel because the temperature of the heat being given off from those areas was not hot enough to cause steel to melt.

9. No plane was witnessed hitting the Pentagon.

Actually there are multiple witnesses to the plane hitting the Pentagon. There is also video taken from a security camera that, while it is very difficult to tell for many people, does show a plane hitting the Pentagon.

8. No pieces of American Airlines Flight 77 was ever found at the Penatgon.

Actually much of the plane was recovered, including remains of the passengers on board (including the five hijackers), and the flight recorder (although damaged to the point where nothing usable could be recovered on it). In fact there are actually photos of pieces of the planes that were being recovered from the crash site and removed from the site for further investigation.

7. The towers fell at free fall speeds.

No they didn't. The towers fell at speeds slower then free fall. There are videos that show the towers falling at free fall speeds, but these videos have had their speed altered to make it look like they are falling at free fall speeds.

6. The towers imploded.

No they didn't. If you were to watch any videos of the towers collapsing then you would see that the towers collapsed on top of themselves rather then implode into themselves, the results of which spewed out a lot of debris over the site, heavily damaging many of the other buildings there.

5. The towers were designed the withstand the impact of a Boeing 707 and should have survived the impacts.

It's true that the towers were designed to survive the impact from a Boeing 707, but only if it was going at landing speeds (180 mph) and was low on fuel. The Boeing 767's that stuck the towers are not only larger then the Boeing 707, they stuck at a much higher speed, thus there was more energy transferred into the impact then what the buildings had been designed to withstand, nor did the engineers who had helped design the towers believe that the towers would be burning so intensely from so much jet fuel for the amount of time that they were.

4. Explosives were heard being used in the WTC towers.

While explosions were heard inside the the towers, they are attributed to things other then explosives, such as transformers and cleaning chemicals. Besides that, no one should be alive if they actually were inside the buildings and heard explosives going off. Those people would have been killed when the towers collapsed.

3. Former CIA operatives have confessed to being part of, or having knowledge of a cover-up.

As far as I am aware only one person, a woman by the name of Susan Lindauer, has claimed to have worked for the CIA (as well as the DIA) and to have knowledge of a cover-up. There are two big problems with this: First, there is no proof she ever worked for either the CIA or the DIA, and second, she is mentally ill. In fact she was declared unfit for trial twice after she was accused in 2003 of acting as a unregistered lobbyist for the Iraqi Intelligence Agency, and engaging in prohibited financial transactions with the government of Iraq under the control of Saddam Hussein.

The charges against Lindauer were dropped against her in early 2009 only because the government decided that there was no longer any point to try to take her to trial anymore.

2. WTC 7 was ordered to be demolished.

WTC 7 was not ordered to be demolished.

The reason why so many people in the 9/11 Truth movement believe that it was is because of an order was given to "pull it" a few minutes before the tower collapsed.

While many in the 9/11 Truth Movement claim that "pull it" is a demolition term to bring down a building, it is not. "Pull it" is an evacuation order. In other words all the fire fighters were ordered to get out of the building because it was determined that the building was going to collapse in a matter of minutes (which it did).

1. Red/gray chips and small iron spheres at the WTC site are indications that explosives were used.

Actually the red/gray chips that have been found at the site have been test and proven to be epoxy resins, paint chips, and rust chips.

The small iron spheres are actually the result of heat rust particles due to the heat from the intense heat brought on by the fires of the burning jet. Rust particles also have a lower melting point than steel, which the temperatures from the jet fueled filled fires were able to generate.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The "Shoeless" Joe Jackson Effect

"Shoeless" Joe Jackson. Many people sometimes refer to him as Hall of Famer "Shoeless" Joe Jackson, and they do mean it because they believe he is in the Baseball Hall of Fame. The problem is he is not in the Hall of Fame. The reason for this is because Major League Baseball management believed he was involved in the Black Sox Scandal in which during the 1919 World Series several member of the Chicago White Sox threw the World Series.

Ultimately eight players from the White Sox were banned from Major League Baseball for life, which includes "Shoeless" Joe Jackson, but because there are questions about whether or not he really did take part in the scandal, and because so many people loved him, that many people have ignored the fact that he is not in the Hall of Fame, and that most people assume that he really is in the Hall of Fame and don't know that he is not because no one corrects them.

This is what ultimately can happen to disgraced sports stars (or any celebrity really) that are so beloved by their fans, that the fans simply ignore reality and won't acknowledge something to the point where they forget whatever punishments were ever handed down on that person by the organization that they worked for, or just whatever facts about that person has been discovered.

You can see this being done by fans of Joe Paterno. The punishments given against him by NCAA as a result of the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal were very heavily criticized Paterno's fans, and many of them are willfully ignoring the 111 wins and 6 bowl wins that have been vacated by the NCAA.

While Joe Paterno is probably the best example of what can happen when fans willfully ignore whatever punishments that have been handed down to a sports star, there are other examples as well. Pete Rose is one of those examples. Lance Armstrong is another.

For Pete Rose so many people have said that he should be in the Baseball Hall of Fame that many people are now calling him a Hall of Famer, despite the fact that he has been banned from the MLB for life as a result of a gambling scandal that included betting on games he was involved in, which he admitted to.

Many fans of Lance Armstrong might end up also ignoring the fact that his seven Tour de France wins have been vacated simply because he is so well respected, and because many people will most likely claim that it was never actually proven that he took performance enhancing drugs (at the time of this posting), and therefore it is perfectly okay to ignore the fact that the wins were vacated.

This is the reality not just with sports stars, but with many famous people in general in that facts are ignored and lies are believed to be true because so many people believe it's true because that is what other people have told them and that no one ever corrected them, and they have never had any reason to find out the truth for themselves because they have never had any reason not to believe them.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Roswell Crash: The best thing that never happened to Roswell

The Roswell crash, probably one of the most famous alleged incidences to have occurred in the history of UFOs.

It is also probably one of the best things to most likely to have never have happened to that town of Roswell, New Mexico too.

Regardless whether or not an alien space craft crashed on a ranch outside the city, or if it was a combination of a experimental military balloon from Project Mogul and Project High Dive, along with hoaxes and other myths that have been generated because of the crash, the one true reality is that just about everyone knows about Roswell, New Mexico, and what is to have allegedly occurred there 65 years. Because of that it has become a huge tourist attraction for people who are into UFOs and curiosity seekers alike.

If it wasn't for this alleged UFO crash no one would really care about this place. It would just be a small city in the middle of the desert who's only one real tourist attraction would be the old Walker Air Force Base. Heck, the only reason why anyone would want to go to the old Air Force base there today is because that is where the alleged alien space craft and bodies were being held at after the "crash" in the first place.

There are other places there that attract wannabe UFO investigators as well, such as the alleged crash site, and the International UFO Museum and Research Center, which generates the community loads of money in terms of tax revenue and sales of things like food and lounging and souvenirs, and all sorts of other things that tourists tend to buy.

There has also been a huge amount of media centered around the city and the alleged UFO crash there as well, be it books, TV shows, documentaries, movies, video games, or magazine articles. All of this only increases the mythology of this alleged crash, which in turn increases the popularity of this place, thus increasing the amount of tourism to this place, which puts more money into the community. There was even an entire television series during the late 1990's and early 2000's called Roswell that centers around four aliens that survived the crash and disguise themselves as human teenagers...

Now I have seen pictures of Roswell and I admit it's a beautiful little city. I won't even mind living there if it wasn't for the fact that it is in the middle of a desert. In fact there is a lot more there to see then just a bunch UFO attractions, but that's not what people go there to see. They go there to see the site of something that most likely never happened, but in their minds is the greatest historical event in human history, and one of the biggest conspiracies in human history as well, rather then the crash of some high altitude military equipment that no one really cared about until the late 1980's.

While I don't like ignorance and the continued promotion of things that most likely never happened, I have to admit that this alleged crash is most likely the best thing that never happened to Roswell, New Mexico.