Thursday, November 24, 2011


Today is of course Thanksgiving. A day to be thankful for all that you have in your life, a day to spend time with those you are thankful for to have in your life, and a day to eat massive amounts of turkey, watch football, and fall asleep while watching football.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thrive: The Debunking

Last week I saw a trailer for a new documentary called "Thrive: What on Earth will it take" by Foster Gamble .

The trailer starts out fine at first, but within 30 seconds it goes from asking a perfectly legitimate question of whether or not humans can thrive, to pseudo-science, and eventually conspiracy theories.

First, they talk about some secret "code" and "hidden" designs in ancient art work concerning the torus, and how it keeps showing up in so many ancient sites around the world.

This of course means nothing other then different cultures thousands of years ago interacted with each, picking up the pattern from one another, and reproducing it. It has nothing to do with some secret ancient codes (not exactly a secret either since it's right out in public).

While this part raised a red flag to me, I wasn't ready to outright to dismiss it as being nothing more then BS.

Then goes into UFOs, and that the government is covering up the truth about them, and that they have crashed alien space craft.

This raised a few more red flags for me, as that is nothing more then an unproven and probably untrue conspiracy theory, and I felt it was going way off of what I thought this documentary was going to be about.

But again, I was not about to dismiss this documentary as being nothing more then BS.

Then they talked about crop circles being communications from aliens.

This is when I dismissed this documentary as being nothing but BS.

Crop circles, even the very complex ones, are in fact man made. There are multiple websites and videos showing how they can be made in only a few hours, using some rope and a 2x4.

Then they go into where they claim that machines can be built, using the torus design, that can produce unlimited energy.

I won't actually outright say is impossible, but most scientists in the field of physics agree that a machine that could produce unlimited energy (no matter what the design is) is so highly improbable that it is considered to be outright impossible to build.

Then it goes down hill from there.

They then begin making claims that this technology is being suppressed (along with knowledge about UFOs) by large corporations (banks, oil, energy, pharmaceutics) and the government (which is implied is controlled by large corporations) and implies that these corporations are responsible for all the troubles in the world today.

And of course they tell you to "connect the dots", something that many conspiracy theorists do in order to try to prove their conspiracy theories when they have a lack of real evidence (which is almost always).

In my personal opinion, you should not waste your time, or money, on this documentary, but if you do actually wish to see what I am actually talking, here is a link the trailer to the movie:

And if you wish to read a much more in-depth debunking of this documentary, please click on the link below: