Thursday, March 4, 2010

Peoples' Laziness and Government Inefficiency

Okay, yesterday I had to work all day. I thought I would get done by two, but instead got done by six because a local plumbing and electrical company (that is worth millions) broke a sewer pipe at the local VA hospital and they were having clog ups with it, and they just wanted us to snake it out (which we were not sure we could do because it was a six inch pipe and are snake is made for up to four inch pipe, but we got it) and make sure it was it was either dirt or something else (and that something else was roots and paper towels).

Now quite frankly I'm a bit pissed off about this job, or at least the people involved in it. First, me and dad fixed this on Wednesday, but they broke the pipe on a Monday, but the company that subbed us out only got approval on Wednesday from the people who run the local VA (at least I think that is who they got the approval from) to call us and let us do what we had to do.

Now here is the second thing that pissed me off. This company was originally going to fix the pipe themselves, but since they had us there, they "decided" to let us do it while most of them went home. In fact only one person stayed to help us, and all he did was cut the piece of pipe we needed.