Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Muslim-Phobic Nation?

Have we become a nation of Muslim-phobics?

In New York City, and across the country, some people are trying to prevent Muslims from building Mosques in several communities. Already, other Mosques across the country have also been vandalized.

One church in Florida will be having a "Burn the Qu'ran Day" to mark the 9th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

Muslim women are sometimes told at where they work to not wear a head scarf.

Even being suspected of being a Muslim can make people look at that person in a negative light.

So, are we a Muslim-phobic nation?

It looks like it to me, and the worst part about this is, is that it looks like the majority of people in this country do not have much of a problem with most, if any of the items I listed above.

This needs to be stopped.

One of the main reasons for the founding of this country is because the American people wanted religious freedom.

The first amendment of the Bill of Rights states that we have the right worship whatever god or deity we want to, wherever we want to.

No one has the right to tell another person what they may or may not believe, and no group of people deserves to be intimidated and discriminated against because of what a few nut jobs did.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Irony of and for North Korea

North Korea.

One of, if not the most repressive government on the planet, now has a Youtube, Twitter, and apparently a Facebook account. Of course that government only uses them to spread propaganda across the internet.

Propaganda, that of course, no one believes.

After reading the articles about this on the internet, I'm not sure if I should laugh at the irony or not.

Here we have a government that is so repressive that if George Orwell was still alive he would probably sue it for copyright infringement, and here they are, using three internet sites that allot people use to express their ideals, many of which would make a average North Korean citizen "disappear" if they themselves expressed the same kinds of ideals.

But, here is the great thing about this! They are going to have to endure the wrath of everyone who hates that regime enough that those people will express their wrath in the form of comments, and there is the very real chance of someone hacking and deleting, or taking over the accounts.

And there is not a thing they can do about it either!

Have fun!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

They're A Monster!

Today I was just reading an article on CNN.com called "What drives a mom to kill?" Now I found the article interesting because I like reading about the psychology of criminals, but I have to disagree with the parts that try to make the people who kill their own children, seem not so monstrous.

To me, any one who kills their own child, or any child for that matter, for whatever reason, no matter how insane they are at the time, then that person is a monster.

But if they are found not guilty by reason of mental illness? Or has major regrets and remorse about what they did?

Well, they still did it.

Just because they were insane at the time, does not mean that what happened is not any less tragic, and it does not mean that they are any less evil for what they did!

And while it is a good thing that many do have regret and remorse, they still should have chosen not to do it!

Plus they did have other options, such as seeking help from the local or state or even federal government.

Heck, it's better just to abandon your child and hand them over to child welfare, because lets face it, it's allot better than killing them.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Activist Judge?

Activist judge.

Judicial tyranny.

These are the kinds of words that some people (mostly conservatives) cry out against a judge when that judge overturns a law they want, or orders some kind of religious object to be removed from public grounds, or any other number of things that they order to be stopped, because that judge finds whatever it is to be either unconstitutional, or illegal.

I find these words to be annoying and the actions of the people who use these words to be both childish and foolish.

There is a very good reason why the Constitution gives judges the power to declare a law unconstitutional, and thus, illegal.

It's not to create tyranny. It's to prevent it.

If judges did not have the powers to overturn a law, then Congress or any state legislator could create any bill they want to, and unless the President, or the state governor, veto's that bill, then that bill is going to become a law, and unless some future Congress or state legislator passes another bill that voids the previous law, then no one can do anything about it.

This is why we need judges to have the power to throw out a law, and why we have a system of checks and balances in the Constitution. It is not to give judges to much power, but it is to make sure the other two branches of the government do not have to much power.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Stopping Workplace Bullying

Recently New York passed a law giving workers a right... A right not to be bullied by their boss.

Basically in the law it says that if your boss is engaging in abusive behavior towards you, and the company you work for will not do anything about it, you have the right to sue both your boss and the company you work for.

I feel that this is a great law, and I feel that all states should have the same type of laws as well, because it gives all workers a right in which all people should have a right to... the right not to have to put up with abuse!

The way the economy is, this law is needed, because you just can not quit a job like you could back in the days when there were lots of jobs to get, so you would not have to put up with some abusive boss's behavior.

Plus, on top of that, the unions are not as strong as they were 30 years ago, and they would have dealt with such abusive behavior for you, but because they have been weakened over the years by laws and a negative view towards them, they just do not have the power they use to have.

Now, there are some critics, mostly those who are in management positions, or company executives, who say that such laws would only led to frivolous lawsuits by disgruntled employees, and this I can understand.

Despite the criticism, the fact is is that a law such as this would not be passed unless there was a good reason for it in the first place, just like with sexual harassment laws, and those are rarely result in actual frivolous lawsuits.

So it's time for workers to start standing up for their rights once again and tell bullying bosses "I'm not taking this from you anymore!"