Wednesday, August 18, 2010

They're A Monster!

Today I was just reading an article on called "What drives a mom to kill?" Now I found the article interesting because I like reading about the psychology of criminals, but I have to disagree with the parts that try to make the people who kill their own children, seem not so monstrous.

To me, any one who kills their own child, or any child for that matter, for whatever reason, no matter how insane they are at the time, then that person is a monster.

But if they are found not guilty by reason of mental illness? Or has major regrets and remorse about what they did?

Well, they still did it.

Just because they were insane at the time, does not mean that what happened is not any less tragic, and it does not mean that they are any less evil for what they did!

And while it is a good thing that many do have regret and remorse, they still should have chosen not to do it!

Plus they did have other options, such as seeking help from the local or state or even federal government.

Heck, it's better just to abandon your child and hand them over to child welfare, because lets face it, it's allot better than killing them.

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