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September 17, 2014 20 Worst Cases of Product Tampering, via Wacky WednesdayExplained: 5 Fun Physics Phenomena, via Veritasium
September 10, 2014 Psychological Disorders: Crash Course Psychology #28, via CrashCourseWhat if Nuclear Weapons Never Existed?, via AlternateHistoryHub
September 3, 2014 Modern Day Debtors' Prison in the Deep South, via Southern Poverty Law CenterMike Adams and the Agricultural Lollercaust, via Jeff Holiday
August 27, 2014 20 Mind Blowing Facts That Will Remind You Why Science Is So Amazing!, via TheVendor101Five Stupid Things About Antisemitism, via Steve Shives
August 20, 2014 Everything Wrong With Gravity - With Neil deGrasse Tyson, via CinemaSinsTAM2014 - Jamy Ian Swiss - A Year of Skeptic Win, via JamesRandiFoundation
August 13, 2014 Universe's 10 Greatest Unsolved Mysteries, via Hybrid Librarian10 Disturbing Facts About The Deep Web, via Alltime10s
August 6, 2014 25 Natural Phenomena You Have To See To Believe, via list25Why Resolutions are DUMB, via Scam School
July 30, 2014 Fukushima "Death Cloud" Kills hundreds on US Warship, via Thunderf00t5 Most Mysterious Sounds Ever Recorded, via Dark5
July 23, 2014 Top 10 Hoaxes, via WatchMojo.com10 Countries With The Most Slaves, via Alltime10s
July 16, 2014 World's Roundest Object!, via VeritasiumHow Much Does Every Living Thing on Earth Weigh? - Don't Be Dumb, via Stuff You Should Know - HowStuffWorks
July 9, 2014 Vaccines Don't Cause Autism: Healthcare Triage #12, via Healthcare Triage30 (more) Life Hacks Debunked - mental_floss on YouTube (Ep. 41), via Mental Floss
July 2, 2014 Science of Godzilla, via JackSciHow to Survive a Lightning Strike, via MinuteEarth
June 25, 2014 Top 10 Craziest Events Caught on Live TV, via WatchMojo.comOpen-mindedness, via QualiaSoup
June 18, 2014 How to Deal with a "truther" - Christopher Hitchens style, via Diamond Dave WonforThe 10 CRAZIEST Scientific Theories About Existence!, via Matthew Santoro
June 11, 2014 #026 - Psychic Sally's Performance in Middlesbrough - The League of Nerds, via The League of NerdsOver the Rainbow: LeVar Burton Explains How DOUBLE Rainbows Form, via SciShow
June 4, 2014 The Top 20 Childhood Conspiracy Theories, via blameitonjorgeEverything Wrong With Gravity - With Neil deGrasse Tyson, via CinemaSins
May 28, 2014 Facts That Prove Ghosts Are Baloney, via BuzzFeedVideo, & Tell the FCC to Not Destroy Net Neutrality (Share This Info), via AlphaOmegaSin
May 21, 2014 10 Things You Should Know About Space Travel, via Alltime10sThis Video Will Hurt, via CGP Grey
May 14, 2014 Five Stupid Things About HIV/AIDS Denialism, via Steve ShivesTop 20 Abandoned Areas, via Tats TopVideos
May 7, 2014 PETA Protesting Mario? SERIOUSLY!?, via Jon's WorldWhat Happened to ISON?; Water in Exoplanet Atmospheres; The Planet That Shouldn't Be There: SFN #121, via Deep Astronomy
April 30, 2014 Not all scientific studies are created equal - David H. Schwartz, via TED-Ed15 Unexplained Human Disappearances, via Danger Dolan
April 23, 2014 Quality vs Quantity on YouTube, via 2VeritasiumFuture's 10 Events That Could Wipe Out Humanity, via Hybrid Librarian
April 16, 2014 Moving Illusions, via VsauceHot Docs Trailers 2014: AN HONEST LIAR, via HotDocsFest
April 9, 2014 25 Crazy Facts About Black Holes, via list25 & Regarding Quantum Mechanics and Materialism, via Martymer 81
April 2, 2014 Skeptic Presents: Get Your Guru Going, via Skeptic Magazine10 Epic Facts About Planet Earth, via Alltime10s
March 26, 2014 10 Fictional Places That Actually EXIST!!!, via Matthew Santoro & Alex Jones is a Danger to Himself and Others, via Tims Take
March 19, 2014 Debunking the AIDS Denialist Movie House of Numbers - Part 1 - Vital Information Missing, via Myles Power & Quantum Physics Woo - Sixty Symbols, via Sixty Symbols
March 12, 2014 5 Most Mysterious Objects in the Solar System, via Dark5 & History's 10 Most Legendary Uncracked Codes, via Hybrid Librarian
March 5, 2014 Top 10 Crazy Conspiracy Theories, via & Can You Really Be Scared To Death?, via SciShow
February 26, 2014 #005 - Quacks - The League of Nerds, via The League of Nerds & 25 Biggest Lies Told On The Internet, via list25
February 19, 2014 5 Interesting Science Facts # 4 - ZOMBIE SCIENCE!!!, via Myles PowerThe 10 CRAZIEST Religions in the World!, via Matthew Santoro
February 12, 2014 The Truth About Herbal Supplements, via The Young Turks25 Things You Thought Were True But Really Aren't, via list25

As of February 12, 2014 there will be two videos of the week instead of just one.

February 5, 2014 Debunking the AIDS Denialist Movie House of Numbers: Part 5 - The Padian Paper, via Myles Power
January 29, 2014 Five Stupid Things About Homophobia, via Steve Shives
January 22, 2014 Do Aliens Exist?, via Veritasium
January 15, 2014 How Many Countries Are There?, via CGP Grey
January 8, 2014 25 Things You're Doing Online That Are Probably Illegal, via list25
January 1, 2014 #001 - MMR Hoax - The League of Nerds, via The League of Nerds
December 25, 2013 10 Facts About The Real Illuminati, via Alltime10s
December 18, 2013 Five Stupid Things About Holocaust Denial, via Steve Shives
December 11, 2013 42 Amazing Maps, via vlogbrothers
December 4, 2013 17 ANIMALS that SCIENTISTS WANT to BRING BACK from EXTINCTION *****, via nemesis maturity
November 27, 2013 Are We Ready For Aliens?, via Vsauce
November 20, 2013 Can We Get to Alpha Centauri, via SciShow
November 13, 2013 5 things you thought were true, but aren't, via HouseholdHacker
November 6, 2013 5 Weirdest Weapons of World War 2, via Dark5
October 30, 2013 25 Real Life Vampires Who Craved Human Blood. via list25
October 23, 2013 Alex Jones As Alien Lizard Explains Obamacare, via RWW Blog
October 16, 2013 Top 35 Strangest Fish, via Tats TopsVideos
October 9, 2013 Earth in 1000 Years, via SpaceRip
October 2, 2013 25 Things You Should Know About The Government Shutdown, via list25
September 25, 2013 MAGNETS: How Do They Work?, via minutephysics
September 18, 2013 Space's 10 Most Mysterious Stars, via Hybrid Librarian
September 11, 2013 25 Strangest Scientific Theories Ever Proposed, via list25
September 4, 2013 What Conspiracy Theories Say About: Jesse Walker on The United States of Paranoia, via ReasonTV
August 28, 2013 Haters, via somegreybloke
August 21, 2013 Dumbest Anti-Gay Comments (Compilation), via Secular Talk
August 14, 2013 A Teenager is forced to sign a $3,000,000 gag order from the Church of Scientology, via SurvivingScientology
August 7, 2013 Pyschic Char Margolis fail on WGN Morning News, via WGN
July 31, 2013 What if Superman Punched You?, via Vsauce3
July 24, 2013 Neil deGrasse Tyson: The 3 Fears That Drive Us to Accomplish Extraordinary Things, via Big Think
July 17, 2013 25 Records That No One Thought Could Be Broken But Were, via list25
July 10, 2013 Critical Thinking Skills, via 100thMonkeyNews
July 3, 2013 Bad science in the paper 'Long term toxicity of a Roundup herbicide and a Roundup-tolerant GM maize', via Myles Power
June 26, 2013 Conspiracy theories conspiracy, via potholer54
June 19, 2013 Unsecured Coins 12, via jayep
June 12, 2013 Interview with Charlie Veitch - The truther who changed his mind (part 1), via Myles Power
June 5, 2013 10 Countries With The Lowest Life Expectancy, via alltime10s
May 29, 2013 Activists vs Scientists - Apples, via biofortified
May 22, 2013 5 Worst Typos of History, via vlogbrothers
May 15, 2013 Five Stupid Things About Psychics, via Steve Shives
May 8, 2013 How Big Can a Person Get?, via Vsauce
May 1, 2013 Confessions of an Ex-Conspiracy Theorist, via MrMentallnertia
April 24, 2013 Debunking 9/11 conspiracy theorists part 6 of 7 - The psychology behind a 9/11 truther, via Myles Power
April 17, 2013 inFact: 5 Ways to Tell Science from Pseudoscience, via volleybrian
April 10, 2013 Vatican City Explained, via CGPGrey
April 3, 2013 If the Moon were replaced with of our planets, via yetipc1
March 27, 2013 How To Deal With Online Threats, via Reby Sky
March 20, 2013 Five Stupid Things About the New Age Movement, via Steve Shives
March 13, 2013 Children who have suffered because their parents chose prayer over medicine, via ConversationWithA
March 6, 2013 Jones Faked Bohemian Grove Video, via SpreadtheWord08
February 27, 2013 How Big is the Universe?, via minutephysics
February 20, 2013 Take The Red Pill, via somegreybloke
February 13, 2013 Five Stupid Things About the Anti-Vax Movement, via Steve Shives
February 6, 2013 Scientology leader's niece speaks out, via CNN

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