Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Some People Need to Think Before They Jump

In our culture rude, anti-social, and even destructive and/or violent behavior seems to be becoming the norm when someone says something to someone or posts something on the internet that they do not agree with, or that maybe they have done some slight to them. Some of the common responses that I have seen on the internet can be as small as flaming and defaming, to very large and possible (or highly) illegal actions such as hacking, phishing, sending viruses, impersonating the person on the internet with the intent to defame, or even finding out personal information about them and posting it. And this is just on the internet. If you have to interact with them in real life and they can not handle being disagreed, or they feel that they have been wronged in some way, it could lead to anything from verbal fights and just avoiding and not talking to each other, to fist fights and shootings, or in the case of road rage, trying to run someone off. So before you go and start ranting off at someone, or decide it's okay to shoot someone in the head because they pissed you off, take a deep breath, think about what you are doing, what the consequences could or would be, and get some help if need be, before that option is taken away.