Friday, January 18, 2013

25 Reasons why Coffee is better than Beer

In honor of one of my favorite restaurants, CUPS Coffee & Tea, I present to all of you 25 reason why coffee is better then beer:

25. Coffee doesn't cause you to tell random strangers that you love them.

24. Coffee doesn't make you throw up your last few meals if you've drunk a lot of it.

23. You can have coffee before noon.

22. No one has ever "drunk texted" from drinking coffee.

21. People who drink coffee have drastically less embarrassing online photos then people who drink beer.

20. If you come home smelling like coffee, no one gives you grief over it.

19. If you're a teenager, no police officer will ever arrest you for drinking coffee on a street corner.

18. No police officer will ever ask you to step out of your car if they see a cup of coffee in your cup holder.

17. No cashier ever asks for your ID when you go to buy coffee.

16. The age of enlightenment began when coffee (along with tea) became the most common breakfast drink. Before then beer was the most common breakfast drink.

15. No one has ever ended up being naked in a jail cell after a night of drinking coffee

14. Decaffeinated coffee taste a lot better than non-alcoholic beer.

13. Coffee doesn't cause people to get into fist fights.

12. No one has ever died from drinking to much coffee.

11. Unlike with beer, if you drink coffee until 2:00 AM, you don't wake up in the morning with a spliting headache and being unable to remember what you did last night.

10. If you tell someone you're addicted to coffee, they don't annoy you by telling you to go to AA.

9. You don't end up dancing like an idiot at a wedding from drinking to much coffee.

8. You don't need hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of equipment to make homemade coffee.

7. You can't add flavored milk to beer.

6. If you drink two or three cups of coffee within an hour and then drive, you're not breaking any laws.

5. You're not risking getting fired by drinking coffee at work.

4. If you drink coffee in the morning, none of your friends or family members will ask you to go to rehab.

3. Beer can only be served ice cold. Coffee can be served both hot and ice cold.

2. You don't accidentally sleep with someone you shouldn't as a result of drinking to much coffee.

1. Your local barista will never tell you that you've had to much coffee to drink.

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