Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Piers Morgan, Alex Jones interview: My take

On January 7, 2013, Piers Morgan on his CNN show Piers Morgan Tonight, conducted an interview (or at least attempted to) with radio host and world famous conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, both because Jones is vehemently opposed to any gun control laws, and because Jones is one of the people behind a petition to deport Morgan back to the UK because he is a vocal supporter of more gun control in this country.

Besides the petition being another example of why Alex Jones apparently only respects the first amendment when someone doesn't say something positive about something that he opposes, or negative about something that he supports, the interview clearly shows what many skeptics have known for the past decade: Alex Jones is a nutcase.

While many people were probably shocked by Alex's behavior on the show, most of his supporters and opponents (especially those in the skeptics community) were not shocked at all. In fact most skeptics would probably have been shocked if he had not acted like that.

Alex pretty much didn't do the gun rights lobby any help. In fact one comment I saw on a Facebook group I belong to said it best about what Alex accomplished due to the interview:

  • "Jones made the strongest argument yet for both strict gun control and vastly improving mental health care."

And indeed he did.

Alex Jones is probably one of the worst people there is to support any movement (legit or not) what so ever due to his seemingly natural ability to twist things and to throw in things that have nothing to with the subject at hand, or something that is completely made up, while adding in the occasional vague threat.

His loud, paranoid, and conspiracy theory filled rantings during that interview is only going to make a lot believe (or validate) that people like Alex Jones is what the gun rights lobby attracts, and that at least people like Alex shouldn't even own a water gun, much less an AR-15 (which I have to agree with), and that we do need stricter gun control laws and we need to improve the mental health care system (which Alex also opposes. Not improving it, but the whole system because he believes that psychologists are evil, and that psychiatric drugs are harmful).

Regardless of whether or not Alex unknowingly and unwillingly helped the gun control lobby, and the mental health care lobby, he did do one positive thing that night: he showed the world that he is a complete nutcase that no one should ever take seriously.

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