Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mike Adams 20 "predictions" for 2013: My Analysis

Mike Adams, best known for promoting conspiracy theories, quackery, and alternate medicine woo, has made 20 "predictions" for 2013.

Read his predictions

Here are his predictions, and my analysis of those predictions:

#1) The global debt collapse arrives

This has been being predicted for what, the past 5 years now? This is a soft prediction. It might happen, it might. Odds are it probably won't.

#2) Obama administration attempts to gut the Second Amendment

You mean like he has for the last 4 years? Assault weapons and clips that hold more then 10 rounds might get banned, but that's about it.

#3) Martial Law declared across America

Same as it was 2012, 2011, 2010...

#4) Extreme shortages of guns, ammo, magazines as their barter value skyrockets

Only if arms manufacturers stop making guns and ammo (which looks highly unlikely as business for them is up).

#5) Tactical weapon strikes target Iran

This is another soft prediction. Considering the political climate between Iran and the United States it may or may not happen.

#6) Massive false flag attack carried out in USA and blamed on patriots

Besides the fact that Mike has failed to prove that any false flag attacks have ever been carried out in the United States, so far there hasn't been a major terrorist attack in the US since 9/11/2001. In fact the last few times a lot of people got killed in an act of mass murdered, the murders were often committed by someone that was insane.

#7) DHS arms the TSA and begins insane abuses of Americans on roadway checkpoints

If that were to happen (and most likely it wouldn't) then state law makers would take action and basically kick the TSA out of their states (or severely restrict them). Besides, if the government intended to do this, then why did they not do this years ago?

#8) The rise of the Resistance: Secret resistance groups begin to form across America

People have been doing this in this country for the last 20 or 30 some odd years. This isn't something new, but it does seem to have been increasing for the last few years thanks in part to a bunch of anti-government propaganda being spread around by people like Mike Adams.

#9) Attacks on the First Amendment accelerate as government seizes websites

The only major website the government has seized in the last couple of years was Megaupload, and is because they hardly ever took down any copyrighted content. If the government wanted to seize and shut down sites like Infowars and NaturalNews, it would have done so by now.

#10) The rise of violent rhetoric among the population as disagreements turn to threats

In my opinion this is just simply Mike's attempt to further divide Americans based on political beliefs. And by the way, violent rhetoric and threats between two groups of opposing views have been going on for years. This is nothing new at all.

#11) Global government makes its move

Just like in 2012, 2011, 2010...

#12) Accelerated mainstream media attacks on patriots, preppers and veterans

Two words: Fox News... And shows like Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Venture, and Doomsday Preppers

#13) Disagreement with the government characterized a “mental disorder”

If that is true then I must be insane... The fact is that everyone disagrees with the government every now and then. It's highly doubtful the government would label everyone as being mentally ill.

#14) Continued rise in unemployment, food stamps, welfare as Obama accelerates deliberate destruction of U.S. economy

The economy is still pretty bad off, I admit that, but so far nothing President Obama has done has been something to intentionally accelerate the destruction of the US economy. This is just more propaganda.

#15) Criminalization of preparedness activities as government outlaws ammo storage of private citizens

Lots of people in the US go through with preparedness activities, many of them for practical reasons. It's highly doubtful the US government will actually arrest people for storing food and ammo.

#16) Riots in the streets, followed by Martial Law

That assumes massive riots will break out in the first place...

#17) Deliberate food shortages used as a weapon of government control

This is assuming that the private farms and businesses that own the majority of food production in this country would even allow this to happen.

#18) Weather becomes even more radicalized, with droughts, floods, freezes

This is basically another soft prediction. Based on the past weather events for the last few years, this might be the only thing that actually happens that Mike Adams is predicting. Of course the fact is that Mike cannot predict what the weather will be like several months into the future, and I know this because he is not a trained meteorologist, and plus the meteorologist at my local news station can't even predict the weather when it is happening!!! Why would Mike be able to make an accurate prediction on this himself?

#19) Solar weather gets nasty: Solar flares threaten communications

This could happen. This might not. This is another soft prediction, but it is based on calculations by many scientists who study the history of the sun and solar flares.

#20) You will be told the answer to all our problems is “MORE government!"

Lots of people say this. It's an opinion by some people, nothing more.

My conclusion to all of this is that this is just a bunch of fear mongering and the same old failed "predictions" and anti-government propaganda that has been for years claimed by conspiracy theorists like Mike Adams that will eventually happen, and it never does happen.

These predictions have been peppered with soft predictions that might or might not come true in order to make the other predictions/propaganda seem more credible.

The reality is that no one can predict the future, and I would be surprised if even one of the soft predictions were to happen.

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