Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Thrive: The Failure

Several months ago a conspiracy theory laden movie called "Thrive" premiered on the internet. One of the biggest claims that they made was that there were these designs for machines that could generate unlimited amounts of energy out of nothing. Basically, these were free energy machines. A week after the premier of this movie, I decided to send the website an email concerning these so called free energy machines. What I asked them for was blue prints and instructions on how to build one of these machines, what type of materials I should use to build such a machine, and a video of one being built until it's fully functional.

I assumed that because the free energy device, and the conspiracy theory that a small group of individuals were basically controlling the world and trying to suppress such technology, that they would be more then happy to show someone, like myself, how to build such a device.

The only email I ever received from them, so far, was an automated message basically telling me how to download the movie, and links to help promote the movie.

Apparently to the makers of this movie, it's more important to promote the movie it self, and the conspiracy theories within it, rather then to provide the actual proof that one of the devices it promotes, can be built.

On this part, and on so many others, Thrive has failed.

Most of the conspiracy theories and pseudo-sciences in this movie has either been debunked a long time ago, and even at the very best, are logically flawed, and with no real evidence what so ever to support the conspiracy theories and pseudo-science that is promoted in the film. In fact, several people who were interviewed in the film are now distancing themselves from the movie, and even denouncing it and it's creator, Foster Gamble, because of the conspiracy theories and pseudo-science that was promoted in the movie, and that they were mis-lead about what the film was truly about.

The movie also seems to have failed in the conspiracy theorist world as well. There isn't much talked about much among conspiracy theorist circles, unless they have very similar conspiracy theory beliefs to the Thrive movement itself. In fact some conspiracy theorists even believe that it's a dis-information movie. I've actually seen one such accusation myself from a member of the Zeitgeist movement, who accused it of being a dis-information movie created by the government and Scientology...

I speculate the reason why some conspiracy theorists believe this is a dis-information movie is because not only of some of the weird stuff it promotes, and sometimes even weirder people it attracts, but also because Foster Gamble was once an heir to Procter & Gamble, and because of this, some conspiracy theorists are just going to naturally believe that it must be a dis-information movie created by someone involved in a multi-national corporation.

It should also be noted that many people, both skeptics and supporters, see many similarities between Zeitgeist and Thrive, in that they both promote conspiracy theories, that they promote the belief that a group of elites are controlling the world through the banking system, that advanced technology will solve the world's ills, and that we must change our way of thinking. The only real differences between the two are that Zeitgeist doesn't promote UFO conspiracy theories, and Thrive doesn't promote Christ myth conspiracy theories.

Also, many supporters of Thrive are, or were, members of the Zeitgeist movement. Some skeptics and debunkers have even referred to Thrive as "Zeitgeist 2.0".

The fact remains is that Thrive has not made any real impact anywhere. In fact, if it wasn't for a couple of fellow skeptics and debunkers, who created the Thrive Debunked blog, I would never have even heard of Thrive in the first place, because there just aren't that many people talking about it, besides maybe a few people who to seriously believe in some pretty weird stuff.

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