Friday, June 8, 2012

Embarrassing Conspiracy Theories: Radical Conspiracy Theorist = Dis-information Agent

One of the most common claims by conspiracy theorists is that there are dis-information agents all over the place. Normally these accusations of being a dis-information agent are made against skeptics and debunkers, since skeptics and debunkers are the people who show just how faulty conspiracy theories really are. But sometimes, claims of being a dis-information agent are made by conspiracy theorists, against other conspiracy theorists.

In fact, it's actually quite common for some conspiracy theorists to accuse other conspiracy theorists of being dis-information agents, especially if those who are being accused promote conspiracy theories that are either so radical, or so strange, that other conspiracy theorists actually debunk them. Sometime it doesn't even have to be really weird, just very different from what another conspiracy theorist believes.

Because of this, and other actions, such as spamming the comments section on conspiracy theorists web sites, blogs, message boards, and skeptics and debunker web sites and blogs, with their extremely strange conspiracy theories, many "mainstream" conspiracy theorists have "concluded" that these people who promote these extremely strange conspiracy theories must be dis-information agents because... who else would promote such insane conspiracy theories.

There is a prime example of someone who believes in very strange conspiracy theories, and is often times accused of being a dis-information agent, and that example is a woman by the name of Judy Wood. She in fact happens to be a 9/11 conspiracy theorist, who promotes one of the strangest of the 9/11 conspiracy theories: that no planes hit the World Trade Center towers, what we saw on television were holograms, and that super lasers from satellites in space destroyed the towers. Because of these theories that she promotes, many other 9/11 conspiracy theorists believe that she, and others who promote her theories, are believed to be dis-information agents, instead of just people who are probably crazy and tend believe in, or at least more willing believe in, such weird conspiracy theories, as many skeptics and debunkers contend.

It should also be noted that Judy Wood has also accused other 9/11 conspiracy theorists of being dis-information agents as well, because of their willingness to claim that she is a dis-information agent, and because of their un-willingness to promote her conspiracy theories, and also because she is so convinced of her own conspiracy theories about the 9/11 attacks, that in her mind all other conspiracy theories about the attack "must" be dis-information...

Sound familiar.

As I once said in a previous blog about how some conspiracy theorists believe that debunkers are dis-information agents, because many conspiracy theorists simply believe that no one else but a dis-information agent would take the time to spread, what would be in this case, even more radical conspiracy theories then what they themselves are advocating, because in their minds, who else but dis-information agent that would advocate a conspiracy theory that is so insane, it makes them look just as crazy as well?

Well, maybe someone who really is insane...

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  1. Still Judy Wood, space beams and all, that is pretty crazy even by regular CT standards (shadowy government and all). The level of crazy is right up there with space reptiles.

    You have to wonder at the motivation. Need for attention? Need to be special?