Saturday, June 23, 2012

Embarrassing Conspiracy Theories: BP Oil Spill

As everyone knows, in 2010 a BP oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico blew up, causing one of the worst environmental disasters in history. While almost everyone admits, including BP it self, that BP is solely responsible for this disaster, there are some people who believe that this wasn't an accident caused by BP's unwillingness improve safety. They believe that this was intentional.

One of the claims is that the oil rig was bombed by environmentalist, or by the government itself. The reason behind these claims is that it is believed that the disaster was caused in order to become a catalysis for enacting much more broad and harsher environmental laws.

The problem with this is that besides the fact that this would be more counter-productive, since the oil spill caused huge amounts of environmental harm to the region, it also ignores the fact that BP has had one of the worst safety records of any oil companies out there.

BP has paid tens of millions of dollars for safety violations, sometimes even multiple times for the same safety violation. Also, no environmental terrorist groups, or any other terrorist groups, has ever claimed responsibly, as terrorist groups tend to do. Plus, there has never been any evidence that a bomb even caused the explosion.

Other theories claim that foreign governments, usually either Russia or North Korea, destroyed the oil rig as a way to cause economic and environmental turmoil to the US. Besides the fact that again, there is no evidence that the explosion was caused by anything other then an accident, if evidence turned up that any nation intentionally caused this, we would have gone to war with that nation.

Some other theories speculate that BP intentionally cause the oil spill in order to reap in the profits from the clean up. Besides the fact that there is no evidence of this, no company would ever have done such a thing, because there is no profit in it what so ever. BP didn't make any money from this, they lost huge amounts.

Still other theories also include that the spill was caused by both the government and BP, and that it is part of a secret depopulation program, and that the chemicals that were sprayed on the oil caused some of the people working in the clean up area to get sick.

It is true that people who were working in the clean-up efforts did sometimes get sick, but it's much more likely that the crude oil caused them to get sick, and not the stuff that was used to try to break the oil up.

The fact is that there is just no proof that anything other then poor safety caused this disaster, and most people who claim this was caused by the government, or environmentalist, also tend to be global warming denialist, who believe that global warming is a hoax intended to bilk people out of money, and to kill certain industries, or as some people believe, to enact laws and kill off people so that this will help bring about a so called "New World Order".

The fact is, is that this is nothing more then an accident.

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