Sunday, September 2, 2012

Why I don't write long blog posts

I'm sure some of you here who enjoy reading my blog have noticed that most of my posts are not extremely long. In fact, most are no more then a page long.

Well, there are several reasons for why I don't write long blog articles.

One of the reason why I don't write extremely long blog articles is because some people simply don't have the time, or the concentration, to read long blog articles, and I hold the belief that if you can't catch their interest in five minutes, then they're not going to continue to read what you have to say, so it's better to give them something they can read in five minutes, and get your point across in that frame of time.

Another reason why I don't write long blog articles is because of my dealings with conspiracy theorists, and that I have noticed that most of them don't really pay attention to details to often, and that's it better to begin there journey into what is real and what is made up delusion, and give them the boost they need to start investigating on their own. Not just for conspiracy theorists either, but for people who are not sure if a conspiracy is real or not. This could help start their journey into finding out for themselves that a conspiracy theory is made up.

Now of course I'm not bad mouthing long debunking blog articles. In fact I think they are great. They help debunk the nonsense of conspiracy theories and pseudoscience, and provide a lot more information then I sometimes do.

In a way, I feel that they further along what I'm trying to doing with my own blog, and that is to rid the world of nonsense, and help people realize that the world isn't as scary of a place as they may think, and that there is no big government boogie man lurking around the corner.

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