Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What has the 9/11 Truth Movement really done?

It has been 11 years since terrorists attacked this country and murdered almost 3,000 people, and almost over night conspiracy theorists began accusing the government of committing this massive attack. These people eventually became known the "9/11 Truth Movement", or, as they are more commonly called, "Truthers".

So, what exactly has this 9/11 Truth Movement done?

Well, besides promoting a conspiracy theory that has been completely and totally dis-credited and debunked (even though they try make it appear that their theories are still creditable) all they have really done is nothing at all.

Well... nothing positive at least.

The 9/11 Truth Movement has done nothing but promote ideas that sometimes makes gullible people paranoid, and paranoid people more paranoid.

It has given liars and frauds a chance to exploit these gullible and paranoid people, and basically make money off of them through sales of their books and videos, and people paying to see them and hear them speak.

It has left some people so paranoid that they think that anyone who doesn't share their beliefs is either a sheep or a dis-information agent. This includes everyone from people over the internet whom they have never met, and conclude that they must be working for the government, or are just stupid, simply because they disagree with them, to close friends and family members whom are concerned about them because their belief in the conspiracy theory is affecting their life. This paranoia can even lead to a person in the Truth movement to isolate themselves from those close to them, or from society in general, because they just don't feel they can trust anyone that do not believe what they believe.

It has given rise to other conspiracy theories, new and old alike. Some of these conspiracy theories may have even been created as a form of payback for the 9/11 conspiracy theories (which has been mainly directed at President George W. Bush) and other conspiracy theories directed at President Bush.

It has led to people committing actions that could be considered disrespectful to those that died on that day, and those service men and women who have fought and even died in the War on Terror, to actions that are harmful to themselves and to others, and even actions that are illegal.

Finally, it has led to some people to cause their careers to end because they just can't separate their beliefs that the 9/11 attacks was caused by the government from their places of work.

This is the ultimate legacy of the 9/11 Truth Movement. Not one of truth, but one of lies, paranoia, manipulation, and ruination.

If one good thing has come as a result of the 9/11 Truth Movement it is ironically that it has led to numerous people to start debunking blogs in order to debunk these 9/11 conspiracy theories, and eventually start debunking other conspiracy theories and pseudosciences as well.

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