Friday, September 7, 2012

ECT Follow up: 9/11 Controlled Demolition: WTC 7

On my previous blog debunking the belief that the World Trade Center towers were destroyed in a control demolition, I discussed how the Twin Towers were not brought down in a controlled demolition, but as the result of massive structural damage brought on by the collision of a couple of jumbo jets.

There is of course this one nagging argument that many Truthers make as "proof" that the World Trade Center towers were brought down by explosives:

The collapse of World Trade Center building 7.

The main reasons why so many Truthers (almost all in fact) believe that WTC 7 was brought down by explosives is because the building itself was not hit by any planes, and it doesn't look damaged in many of the photos and videos of that day, and in the videos of the collapse it does kind of look like a controlled demolition to the untrained eye. Also, it is believed that the order "pull it", which was given shortly before the building came down, is a common order that demolition experts use right when they bring down a building.

While the building itself was not hit by any planes, it was in fact hit by the falling debris from the World Trade Center towers, as was a lot of other building near the Twin Towers, and was heavily damaged, as was a lot of the buildings near the Twin Towers as well. Most people can't tell this from looking at photos and videos of it after the towers collapsed because of all the smoke and dust. All that most people have ever seen is what appears to be an undamaged building.

In fact, it was very heavily damaged. 25% of it's bottom floors were just gone. Added to the damage from the falling debris was the fact that the building was on fire, and that those fires were most likely fueled by the diesel generators located inside the building itself, so those fires just kept on going on and on.

After being on fire for seven hours, and having been heavily damaged, one of the steel trusses finally gave way, which resulted in the other trusses, being unable to take the load of the building on their own, giving way as well, and causing the building to finally collapse in such a way that some people who don't see it at the right angle might think they were watching a controlled demolition.

Of course now there is the phrase "pull it" which was used shortly before the building collapsed, and many conspiracy theorists believe this was the order given to bring down the building. Actually "pull it" is a common evacuation order, which was given after the building began to visible sag. In fact, "shoot it" or "blow it" are the more common term demolition experts use when bringing down a building.

The fact remains is that WTC 7 was not brought down by explosives, but as a result of fire and heavy damage by falling debris.

Also, for further study about how the 3 WTC buildings collapsed, please click on the following link and watch the video in the link:


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