Sunday, March 16, 2014

This would be considered satire if it hadn't come from Mike Adams

On the internet I occasionally see statements from people that are so blatantly outrageous that I would naturally assume it was some sort of satire, unless I knew that person was prone to make such outrageous statements.

Today I saw one of those statements, and if it had come from someone other than professional conspiracy theorist Mike Adams, I would have assumed it was satire.

Just read what he wrote and you'll know what I mean:

I'm certain the irony of what he wrote hasn't been lost on anyone who has read that.

I'm fairly certain that Neil DeGrasse Tyson endorse the "core philosophy" of Natural News, and that's because, contrary to what Mike Adams claims, Natural News does not "follow the evidence wherever it leads, and question everything!"

Natural News does not do this. What it really does is make things up, cherry picks certain quotes and data in a piss poor attempt to back up it's own BS, refuses to back down on their claims no matter how much evidence is brought forth showing they are wrong, and then mocks and insults anyone who calls out the site for it's BS, and then for good measure calls that person a "shill".

As you read in the last line you can see that this is a blatant attempt to "encourage" (i.e. trick) Neil DeGrasse Tyson into endorsing a couple of their views that they hold, that being that vaccines cause autism and still contain mercury (which it doesn't contain, nor does it cause autism) and that modern day dentistry is dangerous (which it isn't, it's just painful).

This is just a another attempt by Mike Adams to sneak his views into the scientific community (which totally rejects his views and would never even consider using Natural News as a source) and the public in general by trying to ride the coat tails of a popular and well respected scientist.

Just one more little note: Neil DeGrasse Tyson does support vaccines and has said that they do not cause autism, so I don't see him supporting Adams on this, or anything really, in the near or distant future.

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