Monday, September 9, 2013

5 Conspiracy Theories that would be easy to prove

Through my studying of conspiracy theories I have found that many of them are easy to dis-prove. In fact some of them are so easy to dis-prove that it's actually kind of shocking that anyone believes in them.

Now despite the fact that most conspiracy theories are quite easy to dis-prove, a few of them could actually be proven, and quite easily at that, if a conspiracy theorist was willing to spend the and money to try to prove what they believe is real.

The following is a list of five different conspiracy theories that I feel could be easy to prove:

The Moon landings were hoaxed.

Despite the overwhelming evidence that the moon landings did happen and that we really did send 12 men to the surface of the moon and back between 1969 to 1972, many conspiracy theorists still insistence that the landings were all faked, and that they were all filmed on some movie set in on a military base in the middle of the desert.

Despite the multiple pieces of "evidence" that they believe prove that the moon landings were faked, they have not produce one shred of evidence that hasn't ended up being debunked.

Now, despite the fact that all the evidence that they claim proves the moon landings were hoaxed have been debunked, there are actually a few simple (but expensive) ways for them to prove the moon landings were hoaxed:

First, they could build their own telescope that is powerful enough to see close up to the surface of the moon, and look at the moon landing sites to see if anything is there.

Second, build your own satellite and rocket that can travel to the moon and photograph the sites where the moon landings were suppose to be.

Third, build a space ship that can actually get to the moon, land at the sites, and see for yourself if anything is ther. Oh, and here is the bonus part about this one: If it turns out that you're right, and you prove that the moon landing were faked, "you" become known as the first person to walk on the moon!


Among some conspiracy theorists there is this belief that the government is using aircraft to spray the population with chemicals to either dumb us down, or make us sick, or make us infertile (assuming it's not for geo-engineering like other chemtrail conspiracy theorists are insisting).

Of course there is no evidence what so ever to prove these claims (despite what they insist) but, there is in fact a very easy way for them to prove that chemtrails are real.

All they would have to do is get a plane, attach a scope or two to that plane (be sure they are the types that remotely open and shut in order to avoid contamination) fly through an alleged chemtrail (actually you might want to do this several times in order to collect several samples, just to be sure) take the samples you've gotten, and have them tested to see whats in them, and how high the concentrations are (because that plays a big factor too).

Now, if this is done, one of two things will happen: You and many other conspiracy theorists will be proven to be right, and all skeptics will have to eat their own words (during the revolution that would most likely follow) or, you will be proven to be wrong, and it will be shown that chemtrails are in fact nothing more than water vapor.

The World Trade Center towers were brought down by nuclear weapons.

There are a lot of conspiracy theories concerning the 9/11 attacks, and while all of them have been debunked, I also have to admit that many of them might not have been that easy to prove either (mostly because it would have required real investigating instead of just watching a bunch of poorly made Youtube videos and looking at a bunch of photos that have been taken out of context). There is one however that would have been shockingly easy to prove if it was true: The nuke theory.

All one would have to do to prove this one is go to the World Trade Center site with a Geiger counter, turn it on, and wait for it to start making.

Now, if nuclear weapons (even the smallest ones made) were used, the site still have lots of left over radiation for the blast which would easily be picked up on a Geiger counter, or any other device used to detect radiation.

Of course you could also just walk around the site for a few hours until you have clear signs of radiation poisoning...

The Earth is flat.

As it shockingly (and sadly) turns out there are actually a few people who do believe that the Earth is flat despite of the numerous amounts of evidence that the Earth is clearly a sphere, there are just some people who are to stubborn (or stupid, or both) to admit that the world is round.

Besides the fact that they won't acknowledge a simple fact that almost everyone else on the planet knows, they actually believe that there is a conspiracy to cover this up (which would be impossible).

Now, if they really wanted to prove to themselves (and to others possibly) that the Earth really was flat, all they would have to do is do one of these three things:

First, they could get on a boat and sail around the Earth.

Second, they could get on a plane and fly around the Earth (or see the curvature of the Earth if they are high up enough).

Third, they can build their own space craft, fly into space, and really fly around the Earth (personally, this would be my choice).

Former Japanese internment camps are being turn into FEMA camps.

For years now conspiracy theorists have been claiming that the United States government (via FEMA) have been building concentration camps around the country in order to hold citizens who might oppose them and the New World Order (which in my opinion has been taking the longest time to finally put their "master plan" to work). Because these alleged camps are being built by and run by FEMA, they are commonly referred to by conspiracy theorist as "FEMA camps".

Now I have done some research into the claims about these camps, I can tell you for a fact that none of these camps exists, I have found that several of these sites are former Japanese internment camps (where we really did hold United States citizens against their will for no good reason other than the fact that they were Japanese, and we were at war with Japan), and that these sites are being rebuilt and refurbished in order to once again hold United States citizens against their will.

Despite the claims that these places are being rebuilt and refurbished, there is actually a way for conspiracy theorists to confirm if these claims are true or not: Go there!

From my research on FEMA camps I have found out that almost all of the Japanese internment camps are open to the public, and anyone can go there to learn the history of that camp. Many of these camps even have there own museums, and memorials, and encourage the public to come in order to learn the history of the camp.

The fact that these camps are open to the public should make it easy for anyone (including a conspiracy theorists) to see if they're being turned into a FEMA camp or not.

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