Friday, September 6, 2013

10 More Lies Truthers Tell

A few months I wrote an article about ten of the most common lies that people in the 9/11 Truth Movement (whether it be intentional or not) tend to tell.

While I did touch upon ten of what I considered to be biggest lies, I still felt there were more lies that people in the 9/11 Truth Movement promoted that still needed to be addressed.

So, I have put together another list of ten more lies that Truther tells:

10. Nothing hit World Trade Center 7.

Actually something did hit World Trade Center 7... a skyscraper.

To be more precise falling debris from World Trade Center 1 hit World Trade Center 7 and caused huge amounts of damage to the lower floors of the building. The combination of that, and the fact that the building had been on fire for hours caused the building to collapse.

9. Only two buildings were hit, but three were destroyed.

This is not true. In fact more than three building were destroyed that day. World Trade Center 3, 4, 5, and 6 were heavily damaged that day and what was left of them had to be torn down because they could not be repaired.

Also, many other buildings around the World Trade Center were damaged as well.

8. A nuclear bomb brought down the towers.

If this was true then this would be the easiest one to prove, as all you would have to do is go down to the World Trade Center site with a Geiger counter and one would easily find large amounts of radiation there.

Also, lower Manhattan would be uninhabitable right now due to that radiation, plus the destruction caused would have been far greater, and a lot more people would have died, either from the initial blast from the weapon, or from the radiation and radioactive fall out.

Plus, there would have been an obvious flash some what similar to the Sun when the device went, and there would have been no way to hide that.

7. The towers were reduced to dust and gravel.

Primarily promoted by followers of Judy Wood and those that believe in her theory that the towers were brought down high energy lasers, their claims are that the towers were reduced to dust and gravel by these alleged lasers.

While the collapse of the towers did create a lot of dust and gravel, it also left large chunks of concrete, long pieces of steel beams, and even places where pieces of the outer wall several stories high still stood.

6. Israel did it.

Besides the fact that there is no evidence what so ever that Israel did this, the fact is that Israel had no reason to do something like this.

The United States is Israel's biggest supporter, and President George W. Bush was one of Israel's strongest supporters at that.

To simply put, the people in charge of Israel would have had to have lost their minds to have done something like that. Not only would they have been risking losing support from the United States, but also risked going war with the United States in order to get more support from the United States.

5. No Jews were killed that day because they got a call from Israel to stay home.

While estimates vary on just how many Jews died that day (mostly because by Jewish tradition some people might be considered Jewish, but in reality they don't consider themselves to be Jewish) it's believed that somewhere around 270 to 400 Jews died that day, including five Israeli citizens.

Also, considering how many Jewish people actually worked at the World Trade Center, a few of them would have said by now that they had gotten a call telling them to stay home.

4. We're just asking questions.

Actually no. What truthers are really doing is making accusations while at the same time asking leading question in an attempt to influence others. When confronted about this they'll claim that they are "Just asking questions."

There is actually a term for this, it's called JAQing off.

3. Other false flag attacks help give credibility that the 9/11 attacks were false flag attacks.

There are two problems with this: the first one is that most "false flag attacks" that people in 9/11 Truth Movement claims to be false flag attacks are in fact not false flag attacks and have been proven so.

The second problem is that even if some of these alleged false flag attacks really could be proven to be false flag attacks, it still doesn't prove or give any credibility that the 9/11 attacks were false flag attacks, especially when all the claims about it have been all debunked.

2. New information is constantly coming out proving that the 9/11 attacks was committed by the US government/Israel/Illuminati.

No there isn't. There hasn't been any new information from the 9/11 Truth Movement since 2005!

Any "new" information that the 9/11 Truth Movement claims to have is just old information that's been rehashed and rearranged in an attempt to make it look new, but in reality is just the same old stuff that has dis-proven and debunked for years.

1. There is undeniable proof that the 9/11 attacks were an inside jobs.

No there isn't.

If this was true then members of the 9/11 Truth Movement should present their evidence to the NYPD and get the people arrested who they believe were the "real" perpetrators of the 9/11 attacks. This is not done of course because they do not have any proof what so ever that the 9/11 attacks was an inside job, which they probably know, but don't want to admit.

Odds are that any "proof" that they have is going to be the same stuff that's been debunked for years and that no one outside of the 9/11 Truth Movement takes seriously any more.


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    1. While I appreciate any comments I get, what you posted I consider to be spam. You may repost if you wish, just don't post with so many links.

    2. Thank you!

      Of all the online comment boards/sections I have seen, you are the first that has shown enough sense by moderating comments with links. It is just another way of promoting their views without much dialog and almost every comment posted by Truthers always have links. It is nothing more than spam.

      I have seen them take the most obvious of forms:

      1. one web sleuthing site (for unsolved crimes and cold cases) has a poster that posted pictures of "mysterious and disturbing graffiti" which reads "9/11 Truth! WTC 7" Then a link is included to a truther site with an interview with the "graffiti artist" who did this.

      2. a first-time poster on a popular message board posted a problem where they have a relative who has been watching and discussing a lot of the literature and videos on 9/11 Truth. The poster states that they don't know what t do. Then he posts several links to truther videos and sites.

      How the moderators of those and other websites didn't see the obvious spamming I don't understand.

      Now Youtube allows external links! Great!