Friday, August 2, 2013

Psychics and Alternative Medicine Practitioners: Who is worse?

Psychics, and alternative medicine practitioners. Two different groups of people who peddle BS pseudoscience that wastes gullible peoples money. But which one is worse?

Now many people would say that alternative medicine practitioners are worse, because not only are they peddling something and taking peoples' money for products and services that do not work, they're also physically harming people as well, and even risking peoples lives by not only selling them products and services that makes them think they can forgo real medicine and medical services that could help them and even save their lives for the alternative stuff, but also selling them products and services that really can cause harm, and possibly even kill you.

So it sounds like a no brainer, right? Alternative medicine practitioners are selling you products and services that could harm you and possibly kill you, while psychics are just taking your money. Except... many alternative medicine practitioners might not know what they are doing is harmful, because some do seriously believe that alternative medicine does work (this is mostly due to anecdotal evidence).

People claiming to be psychics on the other hand are different, because while many alternative medicine practitioners might not know what they're doing is fraud, psychics on the other hand almost always know what they're doing is fraud.

Psychic powers simply do not exist. Every person who has ever been tested for psychic powers under controlled scientific testing conditions have always failed to prove that they have psychic powers, and the really famous so called psychics have never gone and had their alleged powers proven under controlled scientific testing conditions, so it is very safe to say that psychic powers don't exist, and that anyone who is claiming to be a psychic is most likely lying (although it is also possible that they may be self-deluded and have actually convinced themselves they are psychic, or they're just mentally ill) and therefore if they do take any money from you for their services, are knowingly committing fraud.

Besides committing fraud, psychics also screw with people's emotions as well (although it could be said that alternative medicine practitioners also do this to by selling people false hope) by making their "customers" believe that they are talking to their dead loved ones. That, or they give "customers" bad advice that results in them losing even more money.

So which type of person is really worse? Psychics, or alternative medicine practitioners?

Alternative medicine practitioners, while what they're doing is harmful, and even deadly, and also selling false hope while at the same time wasting peoples' money, they might not know what they are doing is wrong, and actually believe what they're doing is a good thing.

Psychics on the other hand while they do know that they're committing fraud, and also screwing with peoples' emotions and possibly causing them to make bad decisions, they're not physically harming anyone, just lying and taking gullible peoples' money.

So again, which one is worse?

Personally, I think alternative medicine practitioners are worse.

The reason for this is while alternative medicine practitioners might not know what they're doing is harmful, it's still harmful, and it can and has killed. Even if they really don't know what they're doing is wrong, and actually believe that they're doing something that's good, it's still not enough of an excuse to excuse what they are doing.

While an alternative medicine practitioner might not be be a bad person, the fact that they are doing something that is harmful, makes them worse than psychics.

Of course that's just my opinion. I would like yours.

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