Friday, August 3, 2012

ECT Follow up: Ancient Aliens Cover-up: How Myths are Created

On a previous blog post I wrote about Ancient Alien theorists believe that not only have aliens visited us in the past, but that they also believe that information that would prove this to be true is being covered up.

Besides the fact that you really couldn't cover up something, the stories that are told by ancient peoples you really can't take at face value and say that it's entirely true.

Ancient alien theorists tend take myths way to literally, and that ancient humans were basically trying to best make sense of what they saw, and in a sense, this is true. The problem is that ancient alien theorist believe that these myths are maybe only two or three hundred years older then when they were first written down. In  reality these myths are probably several thousands of years older then when they were first written down. The simple matter of fact is that we have no idea just how old these myths really are. Even if those myths were only a couple of hundred years old before they were written down, it still doesn't mean that the details didn't get messed up along the way.

The most likely reason that these myths started in the first place was that they were a way to explain natural events in a way that makes sense to prehistoric man. Because back thousands, or tens of thousands of years ago, we didn't have the science or knowledge or technology to find out just how nature really did work, so people started to make up stuff, but in a way that makes sense to them and fits their reality.

These stories, or explanations, whichever you wish to call them, gets told to other people, and they go out and they tell other people, and then those people go out and tell other people, and so on and so on.

The problem with passing down stories from mouth to mouth back then is the same as it is now, and that details get forgotten, and so a person adds their own details. By the time the myth actually gets written down,  it's nothing like the original. Even when it is written down, one person might write it down one way, and another person might write it down differently. Just take a look at the story of Medusa for an example of that.

Another reason some of these myths were created was that they were an ancient form of propaganda.

Ancient people would sometimes create these stories about how their enemies were tyrants who feed people to monsters, and/or they no morals. The story of the Minotaur is a prime example of this.

It seems to me that ancient alien theorists are doing exactly what prehistoric man did, and that is that they are seeing things that they can't explain, so they're just making up stuff that in their minds makes sense to them, and fits their reality.


  1. Another excellent article, i will repost at my site. You might enjoy my "Ancient Aliens Debunked" series at:

    - Mason I. Bilderberg (MIB)

    1. I've read part of it. It's amazing honestly how these ancient alien theorists get stuff wrong.