Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Embarrassing Conspiracy Theories: Ancient Aliens Cover-up

Ever since the History Channel show "Ancient Aliens" premiered, many of the people who are interviewed on the show (mind you they tend to be the same people) assert that not only were we visited by extraterrestrials in the past, but that historians and archaeologist, along with the government, are covering up the evidence.

The belief is, is that the leadership within historian and archaeologist community, along with the government, is hiding this knowledge of ancient extraterrestrial visitation in order to keep the status quo, and to prevent chaos from what might happen if it was revealed that certain histories in many peoples' religions were in fact false.

While some people might question their beliefs if such information did come out, many people would try re-work their beliefs to fit this new information, or they would reject this information outright and claim it to be itself a part of a conspiracy to destroy Christianity. Just take a look at how evolution is viewed in this country. Some people have accepted it, some reject it, and most have work evolution their beliefs, which tends to be called theological evolution.

Many ancient alien "experts" also assert that fear by threats of ruining someone's career is what is mainly used to keep such information suppressed, and that some historians and archaeologists careers have been ruined already, because they would not give up on their belief that aliens visited the planet in the past.

Most historians and archaeologists who's careers have been ruined, didn't get them ruined because they publicly stated that aliens visited us in the past. Their careers were ruined because they wouldn't give up on a theory that has been discredited and proven to be completely untrue. This doesn't just apply to historians and archaeologists who believe in ancient alien visitation, it applies to anything in archaeology that's been disproved.

Besides the fact that evidence they present on that show about ancient alien visitation is highly speculative at best, and is usually completely false due to a profound misunderstanding by people who don't understand history and don't know what they are talking about, they also present no evidence that information about ancient aliens either exists, or is being suppressed at all.

Now I won't say that aliens never visited us in our past, because there is no evidence to support that we never were visited at all in the distant past, but, there is also no evidence to support that we have been visited by aliens in the past either.


  1. We are here on planet earth, and there is no evidence that we were visited by aliens. More like we evolved from apes, and monkeys over millions of years.

    Sex, and viloence is what we fear, and crave. Just like a shark smelling blood in the ocean.

  2. Great work! I will repost on my site in the morning.

    This is one of my favorite topics. I did an 8 part series: http://illuminutti.com/ancient-aliens-debunked/

  3. You know I watched Ancient Aliens, mostly because my roommate was watching it and I will catch it as I am walking by. I used my sling adapter to stream a show to my phone one day while I was waiting for the bus, for some reason it seemed intriguing at the time. By the time the episode was done I was shaking my head about the show in general, and even more about my roommate’s head. They try to make good points, but if you listen to them everything was done by aliens, almost as if we are their puppets in time. I had a friend come over that I work with at Dish, and he is an ok guy, but you should have heard the two of them going on about how accurate the show is, and how they lay it all right out there. I lost hope in humanity that night, luckily though, my DVR had an “accident” when I using the Dish Remote Access app about a month ago, and all the ancient aliens’ shows got deleted. I don’t know about you, but I think it was aliens.

  4. At least you have a brain and can think for yourself. Amazing how people hear or watch things on TV and swear it is all true because it was on TV right there in front of them.
    Do your own research and question everything. These idiots on ancient aliens are just taking something spiritual and inserting alien in the same text. If you look at all of this in the context of the battle in heaven, fallen angels, nephilim, flying beings were not gods but those who were cast out and yes they had super powers to build things and fly. God brought the great flood because earth was a total mess. That is why we are digging up old cities, pyramids, great structures, and artifacts.it all fits perfectly. Nothing wrong with thinking spiritual instead of alien. It all fits. Just look at the big picture.