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5 Famous UFO/ET Hoaxes that some people still think are real

Ever since the UFO phenomenon began back in the 1950s, there has been a huge amount of reported sightings of UFOs, along with photos and videos of these so called UFOs, and even contact with aliens.

As it turns out, many of these sighting, and photos and videos, are actually mis-identified natural phenomenon, or mis-identified man made objects. Of course, it also turns out that some of these UFO sighting, and photos and videos, are not as simple something that has been mis-identified, but are actually man made hoaxes, many of which are still believed by some people to be real.

Here are what I consider to be the top five most famous UFO/ET hoaxes that some people still believe are real:

5. Alien Autopsy

There are actually several so called alien autopsy films making their way around the internet claiming to show an actual alien autopsy, but the one that I'm talking about specifically is the now infamous film that had it's own television special called "Alien Autopsy: Fact or Fiction". From the beginning, many people were skeptical of the film, believed the answer was fiction.

Well, it turns out it was in fact, fiction.

Ray Santilli and Gary Shoefield, two of the people who helped create, release, and promote the footage, admitted in 2006 that the footage was indeed fake, although for some reason they then claimed that the film was a "reconstruction" of an earlier film they claim to have seen, but deteriorate right after they viewed it...

There are also a lot of people who still think the film is real, but that maybe because they haven't heard that it was fake, or they refuse to accept the truth.

4. The Johnathan Reed video

In 2002 a claim made by a man named Dr. Johnathan Reed start circulating around the UFO community that back in 1996 Dr. Reed encountered an alien in the woods near his home, and that it killed his dog. After this alleged attack, instead of running away, he hit the alien in the head with a large branch. After all this, he still managed to get out his video camera, video tape the alien, the alien's apparent space craft, get the half alien dead alien back to his jeep, take it home, and continue to examine it in his garage while still video taping..

While many people considered this footage to be quite extraordinarily, there were many others who were skeptical from the beginning, and deemed it to be a hoax. And it turns out they were right.

In 2010 a team from the television show "Fact or Fake: Paranormal Files" investigated this video. Not only were they able to duplicate the video also exactly like the original, they also did a voice analyse stress test on Dr. Reed as well from an interview he gave the investigators. The test indicated that he was most likely being deceptive about his video.

Despite the show's investigation, many people still refuse to accept the fact that the video is a fake, and even claimed that the show was misleading about the facts.

3. Billy Meier's photos and videos

Billy Meier's photos and videos of UFOs from the 1970's are considered within the UFO community to be some of the best evidence of UFOs ever, but many skeptics, including those within the UFO community itself, consider his photos and videos to be fake.

Many of Meier's photos and videos of the UFOs he claimed to have taken have been duplicated over the years by skeptics, and many people have noted problems with his photos and videos as well, indicating that they are most likely fake. His ex-wife has even claimed that all of his alien visitations he claims to have had are made up, and that the UFOs in the photos and videos look like several models he made out of house hold items. He has also been unwilling to hand over any physical evidence that he claims to have for testing.

In spite of the fact that there is just so much evidence that all of his photos and videos are fake, he still claims that they are genuine, and he still has a lot of supporters who think so too.

2. The McPherson Tape

In 1989 a very low budget, found footage genre film commonly known as "The McPherson Tape" premiered to the world, and many people in the UFO community saw this film as being not only real, but as proof that aliens were actually abducting humans.

The film's creators soon after came clean about the film, even producing photos of the alien costumes and the "spaceship". There was even a remake of the film that premiered in 1998 that even has an alternate ending.

Despite all of this, there are many people who still believe that the film is real, and that the "family" in the film (all of whom are actors who aren't even related to each other) are being frightened by the government and being forced to claim that the footage is fake.

1. Crop Circles

For over 30 years crop circles have been appearing around the English countryside, and eventually this  phenomenon spread around world. At first, many people thought that the the circles were being created by aliens, because it was claimed that humans could not have created such designs large designs over night, and bend the crops in the way that was done, but in 1991 two people by names of Doug Bower and Dave Chorley came forward and admitted that they had created many of the crop circles in England, and even showed the media how to make a crop circle.

Since then many people around the world have been making crop circles on their own. Some have even made videos of themselves making these crop circles, even very complex ones, and then posting those videos online. Some people have even been caught making crop circles, and have faced legal issues because of it.

Yet, there are still a lot of people who believe that crop circles are made by aliens. In fact, there is even a group of people called Cereologist who study crop circles, and usually claim that most are made by aliens, and that the videos of people showing how to make crop circles are part of a conspiracy by the government to make people believe crop circles are a hoax.

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