Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Embarrassing Conspiracy Theories: No Planes hit the World Trade Center

There are probably more then a dozen or so conspiracy theories involving the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the United States, and I admit, I think every one of those theories are ridiculous and false. But, there is one conspiracy theory that is so ridiculous that most 9/11 conspiracy theorists don't talk about.

This is the theory that no planes hit the World Trade Center towers.

It is considered the craziest of all the 9/11 conspiracy theories, and talk about it has been banned from many conspiracy theorist websites. Some people who advocate these theories are even accused of being dis-information agent, and have even been threaten with violence.

There are actually two different versions this theory.

The first one is that what we all saw on TV were not planes, but computer generated images, and that every video that showed the planes hitting the towers are fakes.

Besides the fact that this claim sounds insane, it would also have to mean that every eye witness to the attack, including people who were standing in the street, and people who were actually in the buildings themselves and watched the planes hit, are lying...

In other words, it might be technologically possible, but humanly speaking, it's impossible. There is simply no way you could get the tens of thousands of people to lie about this.

The other type of no plane theory is one that claims that a hologram is what was seen hitting the towers, not a plane.

This theory would have to ignore the statements given by many of the survivors who were in the towers when the planes hit, that they actually saw the planes go into the sides of the building. This is not even mentioning the fact that we didn't have the technology to do such a thing back then, because we don't have the technology to do it now.

Advocates of both of these theories tend to base their claims on the belief that no plane wreckage was recovered, and that no bodies of the passengers that were on the planes were found either. Both of these claims are false. There was in fact plane wreckage recovered, and there were remains of the passengers found at the sites as well.

Advocates of these theories also claim that what actually hit the towers was a missile, although there are some that claim that lasers brought the towers down, which again, is not technologically possible now, much less ten years.

A missile would not have caused the type of damage caused to the towers. A missile would have created a large, round hole, and not the large, plane shaped hole that, lets say, a large plane flying into the side of a building would cause if you flew a large plane into the side of a building, which is the shape of the holes that were made when those two planes flew straight into those two buildings. Also, missiles travel at super sonic speeds, and those two planes were traveling well under super sonic speeds.

Sounds crazy, right?

Well, it is. In fact many leading advocates of this theory are actually believed to be mentally ill.

This conspiracy theory really is embarrassing to conspiracy theorists, because it really does make them look (more) crazy.

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