Tuesday, June 11, 2013

5 Things I've noticed about... Doomsday Prophecies

There's been a lot of doomsday predictions and prophecies over the years (and I mean a lot), and fortunately none of them have ever come true. While I have noticed a lot of things about them, there are five things that I have really noticed about them that tends to stick out.

So here are five things I've noticed about doomsday prophecies:

5. They have a bad track record.

Every single doomsday prophecy and prediction ever made has always failed to come true, including the big ones that a lot of people believed would happen and were actually preparing for. The most recent example of this is 12/21/2012 ending of the Mayan Long Count Calendar, which many people thought would mark the end of the world, despite the fact that nothing in any Mayan religious texts ever stated this, and even if there was, it wouldn't have meant that the world was ending anyways...

Thinking about, it's actually a pretty good thing that these doomsday prophecies and predictions has such a bad track record...

4. They tend to get pushed back.

While sometimes when a doomsday prediction fails it will go away, more often then not they just get pushed back to a later date, or will inspire someone else to make a similar prediction for a later date.

One of the most common types of doomsday predictions to this are the New World Order type of predictions. These are predictions that proclaim that the imaginary "New World Order" is going to take over the world and kill lots of people in the process. These types of predictions have failed every single time to come true, and have been pushed back so many times I can't even count how many times now, and that's just from Alex Jones alone...

3. They're pretty vague.

Most of these doomsday predictions and prophecies are quite vague and often times lack many details, if any.

While some of these predictions will at least say what type of disaster is suppose to occur, sometimes they don't even do that. This causes people to add in their own details about what is suppose to happen, which often times gets very... strange.

2. It causes people to do dumb things.

Often times these doomsday predictions and prophecies causes people to do things that many others would see as being very stupid, or at the very least, wasteful. These predictions and prophecies can cause some people to buy thousands, if not millions of dollars worth of supplies and even properties to live on that in the end they never needed, and probably would not have saved them if the worst did happen.

Other examples of people doing stupid stuff would be the 2011 Rapture predictions by Harold Camping, which caused many people to waste their life savings on pointless advertising campaigns.

In some extreme cases, these predictions have caused people to commit murder and suicide.

1. They make people fearful.

Doomsday predictions and prophecies (especially the more famous ones) make people afraid of whats going to happen. Even rational people can sometimes be a little edgy the day before and day of when the end of the world is suppose to happen.

Religious doomsday prophecies (like the Rapture) also tends to make people fearful as well, causing people to do strange, and sometimes extreme things due to the fear that if they don't that they will be left behind and have to deal with what is suppose to come, which they believe will happen soon.

Regardless of how people react to these doomsday prophecies and predictions, the fact is that it's almost always in some ways is a fear based reaction, because that's all these prophecies and predictions do, make people fearful for no reason.

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