Tuesday, May 7, 2013

5 Things I've noticed about... Televangelists

Ever have a boring Saturday where you can't find anything worth watching on TV, and eventually come across a preacher (commonly known as a Televangelists) preaching what they claim is the word of God? Well, I have a many of times, and there are certain things that I have noticed about Televangelists and what they tend to do.

So here are five things I've noticed about Televangelists:

5. They're very entertaining.

I openly admit, I think a lot of Televangelists are very entertaining to watch.

Their charismatic actions often times make them very humorous to watch. My personal favorite (in terms of entertainment value) is Benny Hinn with his "ability" to make people fall down on the floor when ever he touches someones.

Of course that entertainment value gets taken away when you realize the next four things:

4. They're always asking for money.

Just about every single broadcast a Televangelist makes, they're always asking for money.

Of course they don't actually outright ask you to give them money. They call it something else, such as pledging, or a gift, or "sowing a seed".

They also make it seem like they need that money right away, and they always do that while wearing suits worth $2,000 to $3,000, in studios worth $2,000,000 to $3,000,000.

3. They act like they have supernatural powers.

Televangelists often times act like their extra special with God, and that if you send them money, you will be in God's favor (and usually the more money you send them the better favor). Sometimes they will even pray on camera for the people who sent them money, just for that extra "favor".

Some of them also act like they can heal people from long distances away, or up close by touching you (and knocking you down in the process).

2. They promote a lot of pseudoscience.

Watch enough Televangelists and you'll notice they'll promote a heck of a lot of stuff that just isn't true, but is obviously something they would promote, like creationism, or faith healing, or that giving them money will result in you supernaturally making more money...

Some of it is not so obvious, such as the promotion of that eating certain foods and taking certain vitamins can drastically improve your health. They also promote biased historical revisions, and highly inaccurate and false information on sex, sexuality, and the transmission of STDs.

1. They're very manipulative.

If you read the first four things I mentioned, you can already tell that Televangelists are pretty damn manipulative, and that their main goal is to make money.

They can make people believe that they have supernatural powers, even after it has been proven that they don't. They can also make people believe that they are in desperate need of money, even if they live in mansions, drive luxury cars, go on these expensive trips to preach what they consider to be the word of God, and all the while asking you to give to them money while they wear $2,000 to $3,000 suits, while sitting in $2,000,000 to $3,000,000 TV studios.

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