Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Embarrassing Conspiracy Theories: Natural Disasters are False Flag Attacks

Natural disasters can occur anywhere on the planet. Sometimes they're small scale with no lose of life and relativity little damage. Sometimes they're huge and kills thousands of people, and even wipe out entire cities an regions.

Most people accept the fact that natural disasters are random, mostly unpredictable, uncontrollable, that there is nothing we can do about them, and that it has been that way since before humans even existed.

But, there are some people out there who do not believe that many of the recent natural disasters over the last few years are actually "natural" in nature, and that many of these natural disasters are actually man-made.

As crazy as it sounds, a lot of people believe that many of our recent natural disaster are actually man-made, false flag attacks (I'm not sure why they would be called that, but for some reason they are) and that the government can control the weather, and even create earthquakes.

The main focus of conspiracy theorists who seriously believe this is that they mostly believe that the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) is the cause many of these large natural disasters... at least since 1993 when the facility was built.

Probably the main reasons why so many people believe that HAARP is the device that is responsible for so many of these recent natural disasters is because it's research mainly deals with upper atmospheric research using radio waves, and that a few scientists have stated that it "could" be used to control the weather, and even create earthquakes. Also, it is not accessible to the public without permission by the government, which to many conspiracy theorists is a giant red flag because it says to them that there is stuff there that the government doesn't want the public to know about, rather than there being some highly sensitive (and expensive) equipment there that the government just doesn't want to risk getting broken or damaged in any way by some person who doesn't need to be there in the first place.

Most scientists (especially those who are involved in atmospheric research) agree that HAARP (and any other site like it) is not capable of generating enough power into the upper atmosphere to alter the weather what so ever, and that it's only purpose is for research (which it has provide a lot of).

While HAARP might be the main focus of many conspiracy theorists who believe that the government is controlling, it isn't the only one.

Some claim that chemtrails (which are not real) are being used to alter the weather, and that even nuclear weapons are being used to create earthquakes. Of course if nuclear weapons were used to create earthquakes (assuming one was built that was powerful enough to create an earthquake in the first place), the radiation left behind from the blast would be easy to find.

The reality is that we are are not capable of altering the weather, or creating huge earthquakes, and that natural disasters are just simply random acts of nature that we have no control (at least for now).

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  1. "natural disasters are just simply random acts of nature that we have no control (at least for now)".

    Is this an assertion based on some knowledge - like, having an overview of recent weapons research?

    Thanks in advance for your citations.