Friday, December 21, 2012

12/21/2012 Fail

Today is the day. Today is the day that so many people thought the world was going to end, and guess what? Nothing happened.

No massive world wide earthquakes.

No super volcanic eruptions.

No massive solar flares destroying the power grid.

No rapture.

No second coming.

No start of World War 3.

No nuclear bombs going off.

No start of a second great depression.

No heavenly bodies crashing into the Earth.

No polar shift.

No Earth crust displacement.

No alien invasion.

No alien ships coming out of a mountain.

No sudden human evolution.

No takeover by the Illuminati/NWO.

No demon invasion.

No world wide pandemic.

And perhaps the most disappointing of all, no zombie Apocalypse.

In other words not a damn thing happened at except for the beginning of winter, and of course there being a few disappointed New Agers and Doomers around the world.

And so I can gladly say that the only negative things that came out of this is that some people made some money out of selling some books about what was suppose to happen on this day, people being scared out of their wits for no reason, dumb people asking the dumbest damn questions about this, and Roland Emmerich making a horrible movie about this (and I'm not ready to forgive the Doomers and New Agers for that last one).

Now some of you are probably thinking "aren't you being a little harsh for shoving this in these peoples' faces" and I say no because they have been shoving this stuff down our throats for about a decade now and they need to be aware of the harsh reality: They are not as smart as they think they are and they know nothing about science, or the Mayans, and that everything that they do know is based upon the hacked together "research" by a few wannabe scientists and historians...

If one good thing comes out of this it is hopefully that some of these Doomers and New Agers will finally wake up and realize just what a  waste of time and money all this believing that the world is going to end stuff has been, and hopefully wise up and get on with their lives.

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