Sunday, November 1, 2009

Booze is fine, but Cigarettes are not?

Anybody here who watches NASCAR knows that these drivers get the majority of their money from sponsors, and some of those drivers are sponsored by companies who's products are alcoholic drinks, something that causes about half of all the automobile fatalities in this country, yet there are no regulations on the sponsorship of such products for NASCAR, but try to put one little advertisement for a cigarette company on a car, and the federal government gets up in an uproar. I've never heard of one smoker ever causing a crash just because they smoked a couple of packs before they got in their car and drove off somewhere, yet I've heard plenty of stories where a person has drank a couple of beers, and had a car crash that killed someone. Now I'm not saying we should make it illegal for beer and whiskey companies to sponsor car races, but let cigarette companies sponsor some drivers too, and make these races look a tad bit less ironic.

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