Friday, February 1, 2013

One more thing we can call Jenny McCarthy...

There are a lot of things that Jenny McCarthy has been called in the past few years.

She's been called a bimbo, a moron, a nutcase, and even down right dangerous.

Now there is one more thing we can call the former Playboy Playmate of the Year: a liar.

For several days now there has been a huge amount of buzz and controversy going about the internet about how McCarthy was going to be headlining for the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation's March 2nd fundraiser at the Ottawa Athletic Club.

The reason why this was so controversial in the first place is because she is a big promoter of the belief that vaccines cause autism, which is a form of medical quackery that's based primarily on the fraudulent works of Andrew Wakefield that has been linked to the deaths of hundreds, if not thousands young children.

Immediately after it was announced that she was going to be headlining this event, there was a huge amount of backlash, and many people were calling for her to be dropped from the event. There was even a hashtag on Twitter called #DropJenny.

Well apparently the promoters of the event gave in because of the shifting (i.e. negative) attention her scheduled appearance was generating, and dropped McCarthy for fitness guru Tommy Europe, who is a far better choice.

So how McCarthy taking this? Is she angry? Is she saddened?

Nope. She's lying about it.

According to her (via her Twitter page) she was the one who dropped out of the event, and not the other way around, as you can see here:
But clearly that is not true: Read here.

The only thing in the statement that was true was that she wasn't going to be at the event (and that maybe she will be doing some taping for her new show that day).

I wonder if she will ever tell the truth about being dropped from the event, and the reason why she was dropped, and why she lied about it in the first place?

Only time will tell...

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