Monday, February 4, 2013

5 Weapons that are great for killing Zombies

In a previous article that I wrote a while back I discussed five weapons that people thought were great for fighting zombies, but in reality actually were not.

Since then I have been thinking to myself "what are the five best weapons a person can use for fighting zombies"?

Since then I have thought about it and have come up with a list of the five best weapons a person can use for killing zombies.

So in honor of the return of the hit TV show "The Walking Dead", and my friend Sean Munger's new novel "Zombies of Byzantium" I present to you the five weapons that are great for killing zombies:

5. Katana

While it is preferable not to get into a melee fight with a horde of zombies, if you should ever find yourself in such a situation, the best possible weapon you can use is a katana.

Besides the fact that most katanas are lite weight (which makes them easier and less tiring to use, plus you can swing the blade at much higher speeds then with most other melee weapons of the same size), and it's single edge makes it safer to use then a regular broadsword, a well made katana can be extremely sharp and durable. Also, because of the fact that most katanas are lite weight, and their single edge makes them safer to use then regular broadswords, with enough training you could use two of them at once, doubling your chances of surviving a zombie hoard.

4. Crossbow

If you're in a situation where ammo is at a premium, and you would have to resort to using weapons that shoot arrows, then the crossbow is the way to go.

Besides the fact that the crossbow is much easier to aim and hit your target than the bow & arrow (and thus requires less skill in order to use) it also fires it at a faster speed, and at a much further range.

While you can fire more arrows from a bow & arrow then you can from a crossbow, it won't matter if you can't hit a zombie in it's brain to take it down. You have a much better chance of doing that with a crossbow.

3. Grenade

Of all the explosive weapons you can use, the grenade is probably the best of all the explosive weapons out there you can use for fight zombie hordes.

Besides the fact that the grenade is easily portable, and the fact you can carry multiple grenades on your person, you can also throw them directly into a zombie horde, and take out several zombies at once (unlike with mines, which you have to place, and you pretty much just have to hope that a zombie randomly walks on the trigger, and you could also accidentally take yourself out with a mine as well.)

Also, if you find yourself in the middle of a zombie horde with no way to escape, you can use a grenade to take yourself out, rather than face the fate of being eaten, or turned into a zombie, along with taking out several other as well zombies.

2. Machine Pistol

When fighting zombies, it's always best to keep a second, smaller side arm with you, and the best thing you can use is the machine pistol (or for those that do not know what that is, a handgun that uses an ammo clip).

The reason for choosing a machine pistol over the classic revolver is besides the fact that machine pistols can hold more shots, you can also reload them faster, and they are a tad bit easier to to aim and shoot as well.

1. Hunting Rifle

Of all the weapons you can possibly use to fight zombies with, the hunting rifle is probably the weapon you can use.

Besides the fact that they are easily portable, they can also shoot from a great distance, and many can be modified to increase range and accuracy, not to mention that obtaining ammo for hunting rifles is easier then it would be for obtaining ammo for military sniper rifles (which tend to use higher caliber ammo then standard hunting rifles, and thus is less common in most sporting goods stores).


  1. Thanks for the shout-out! This is a great article.

    One little-known weapon that works extraordinarily well, and which I talk about in my book, is Greek Fire. This was an incendiary weapon, sort of the medieval equivalent of napalm. It's an oil-based substance that clings to everything, is impossible to get off, and burns everything in its path. All attempts to extinguish the flames merely make them worse. The Byzantines used Greek Fire, and in fact its exact ingredients are the best-kept state secret in world history--more than 500 years after Byzantium fell we still don't know the recipe and modern engineers have been unable to replicate it.

    Granted, it's a pretty exotic weapon. Only an army could use it--you need tank wagons (or ships) and large siphons--but if you want to incinerate vast hordes of zombies, there's nothing better.

    1. In ancient times when fighting a zombie horde that would probably be the best weapon to use to wipe out super massive amounts of zombies.

  2. You should take a read of Dafoe by Pat Mills.