Friday, February 15, 2013

5 things I've noticed about... Alex Jones

While there are a lot things I could say about radio host/conspiracy theorists Alex Jones (and it would be a lot) I noticed a few things he seems to do quite a bit.

So here are five things I've noticed about Alex Jones:

5. His sites have a lot of advertisements on them.

If you go to either of his two main websites (Infowars and Prisonplanet) there are a lot of advertisements on the right side of those websites. Not only are there ads for other people's products, but also for his own products as well (mainly his videos).

And his websites have their their own shop pages where you can buy more of his videos and other merchandise.

4. He always tells people he is not crazy.

Alex always seems to need to remind people that he is not crazy (in his view). I don't know why he feels the needs to do this. I don't know why people would believe he is crazy in the first place...

Maybe it's because he does stuff like this:

Author's note: go two minutes in. That's when the best stuff starts.

3. He's against fascism and totalitarianism... unless it's in another country.

While Alex Jones is a notorious outspoken critic of anything that he perceives as fascism and totalitarianism in this country, he apparently has no problem with it in other countries (especially countries that the US has very poor diplomatic relations with).

A good example of this would be that he often calls rebels in the Syrian Civil War "terrorists" and often claims that many of the atrocities committed by the Syrian government was actually committed by the rebels.

2. He respects the 2nd Amendment more than the 1st Amendment.

While Alex doesn't think there should be any gun control laws, he calls anyone who does want more gun control laws unpatriotic, criminals, and a member of the New World Order.

And if you're from another country and you call for more gun control laws, he wants you deported.

1. He has a hard time keeping friends.

While he is always happy to ally himself with anyone who shares his beliefs in certain conspiracy theories, if you stop believing in the conspiracy theories that he believes in, or if you believe in any conspiracy theories that he doesn't believe in (which is not many), or if you disagree with his political beliefs, he'll call you an elitist and dis-information agent, and will want nothing to do with you... until he decides that you aren't a elitist and a dis-information agent.

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  1. Alex Jones is probably more SANE than most of the SHEEPLE who refuse to belief that the USA government isn't "there to help them" and that Obama is not in fact the Messiah. Nations arise, they often achieve great societies, and then they decline from corruption, subversion, propaganda, out of control war mongering, greed, crime, immorality and outright perversion, all of which is eating away the very fabric of the American soul. Jones is like the Blue Jay of the forest who has gotten winds of deadly machinations and mayhem...and is squawking and screaming loudly while trying to warn all others of something very wrong and dangerous stalking the fields around us. Sometimes he seems unhinged and off of his rocker, but he does have a track record of being right on the money of pointing out trends, conspiracies and illegal activities. When anyone immerses themselves into a world of digging through the cover-ups. lies, corruption, and machinations of those in powerful positions who also govern, he or she will make many enemies, and those powerful people will wage an all out psy-ops war to discredit the one with the Spot Light aimed at them. Jones certainly has made many enemies, just as Glenn Beck has. Beck has had something happen to him because he has toned down his rhetoric tremendously since the second inauguration of Obama. He's not anything like the fiery Beck back in the early 2000's. He has serious health issues afflicting him and his doctors and wife Tonya have probably told him he has to de-stress ten fold, or he isn't going to be around in ten years. The Mormon church too probably has had something to do with his change of programming approach. It is my belief, that Jones is probably heading for self destruction mentally, because no one can keep up the pace and out rage like he is, and expect to come out of the other end whole. All of his exotic nutriment supplements in the world aren't going to stave off the inevitable. I think Jones has less than five years left in him, and he's toast.