Friday, February 22, 2013

5 Things I've noticed about... The New Age Movement

I've made some observations about people in the New Age Movement, and that there are certain things that tend to be a common trend amongst New Agers.

Here are five things that I've noticed about the New Age Movement:

5. They love energy.

New Agers tend to believe that energy (in one form or another) is all around them, and that somehow they can somehow control this energy, and that they can somehow convert it and use it for their own personal means (such as healing, or some type of food source), or that they can use it to gain knowledge, rather than gaining knowledge the old fashion way, by reading.

Some New Agers even believe that you don't even need food, that all you need is to absorb sun light, or breathing clean air.

It should noted that last one is very dangerous and has resulted in the deaths of several people.

4. They're obsessed with crystals.

Most New Agers seriously believe that crystals are more then just pretty objects that make for nice coffee table or mantle decorations. Apparently they believe that crystals can be used for dowsing (which has not been proven to work), healing, and warding off negative energy, which apparently a small crystal being in your pocket, or hanging around your neck, is suppose to protect your entire body from all sides from negative energy that's suppose to be bombarding you from everywhere...

3. They believe they don't have to do much to alter their lives.

Apparently New Agers believe that if you just do a few good things, or if you rearrange the furniture in your house in a certain way, or you carry around some good luck charms, or if you put some plants in your house, or even if you have just positive thoughts, that you can dramatically alter your life for the better, rather than actually working hard and putting some real effort into changing their lives, which has been proven to be much more effective.

2. Talking to "other" beings.

Not only do New Agers believe in aliens (be it from another planet, or another dimension), spirits, and other super natural beings, they also believe that they can communicate with them (usually by telepathy), and gain knowledge from them. Some people even believe that they can even see the places that these beings are from, and even let those beings talk through them to other people.

They also believe they can communicate with dolphins...

1. It's pretty narcissistic.

Almost everything about the New Age Movement seems to be centered around the individual rather then others around them, and that the primary reason why you should do anything in the first place is to better yourself, even when the true heart of doing something is to help and benefit others. While there is nothing wrong with trying to improve one's self, everything New Agers tend to do is apparently to benefit themselves, and that helping others is a secondary bonus to them.

Also, New Agers tend to blame others for their problems, and that none of their problems are their own fault, or the result of unforeseen circumstances, and that those that wronged them (real or not, major or minor) will be punished in some way, some time in the future.

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  1. The real tragedy of the contemporary "New Age" is the commercialization of ideas that could really challenge our narrow paradigms. But they're missing the point...How can you make a case for the importance of the spiritual by being such unrepentant materialists?