Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Embarrassing Conspiracy Theories: The Government Kills Conspiracy Theorists

What are four things that Alex Jones, David Icke, and Jesse Venture all have in common?

1. All three are considered three to be among the top conspiracy theorists in the world.
2. All three have used the media and the internet to promote conspiracy theories.
3. All three have made millions from promoting conspiracy theories.
4. All three are still alive.

For many years conspiracy theorists have been claiming that the government, or some shadowy NWO type of groups, are murdering conspiracy theorists, either to keep them from continuing to promote conspiracy theories, or to prevent them from "revealing" certain information.

It doesn't matter how the person died. They could have died of natural causes, or they could have committed suicide, but to conspiracy theorists, the fact that another conspiracy theorist is dead, especially a top conspiracy theorist, makes many fellow conspiracy theorists suspicious.

Many conspiracy theorists who have died over years due to natural causes have died because of either a stroke, or a heart attack, or cancer, or some other disease. The reason why they are believed to have been murdered is because many conspiracy theorists tend think that it just seems to "convenient".

Strokes, heart attacks, and cancer can happen to anyone, even healthy people who eat right and work out. The older you get, the more increased risk you have at having a stroke or a heart attack, especially if you're over the age of 50. Plus, stress is a leading cause of heart attacks, and conspiracy theorists tend to put a lot of unnecessary stress on themselves. As for cancer, while you might have an increased risk of getting it the older you get, it knows no age limit.

With the claim about cancer being used as a method of murder, the usual accusations are is that the cancer was either to fast acting, or incurable. The thing is, is that a lot of cancers are either fast acting, or just seems to be to fast acting because they hadn't been diagnosis soon enough, and by the time the cancer is found, it's to late to do anything about it, and the person is dead within a few months, or even a weeks, sometimes even a few days. As for the incurable part, technically all cancers are incurable, and can only be suppressed to the point where they won't cause a person harm, and even shrunk to where they're not visible.

Every year the list of cancers that are considered un-treatable grows less and less, but ten and twenty years ago, there were a lot more types of cancers that were un-treatable. This is another reason reason why people die of cancer, because back whenever they got it and died from it, it was considered to be un-treatable.

Also, cancer is to difficult to put inside someone. You have to surgically put it inside someone, so obviously you're going to know if someone put cancer inside of you.

As for some other disease killing a conspiracy theorist, well, diseases kill people all the time. Some are really fast acting, or have no cures, so there is nothing you can do anything about them.

Now, as for the claim that conspiracy theorist who commit suicide are actually murdered, and that the deaths are staged to make it appear to be suicides, you have to understand that conspiracy theorists tend to be rather paranoid people. Some may even have severe mental issues, but don't know or believe they have mental issues, because they have never sought mental health treatments, because they might not trust the mental health industry.

For people who have untreated mental issues, or who self medicate by using illegal drugs and alcohol, there is an increased chance that person will commit suicide. In fact, some conspiracy theorists who do commit suicide may even try to stage their suicides to look like murders to make fellow conspiracy theorists think that someone wanted them silenced.

The fact is, is that people die, even conspiracy theorists. Whether it be by natural causes, or at their own hands, it happens.

By the way, if the government really did murder conspiracy theorists, then Alex Jones, David Icke, and Jesse Venture would have been dead years ago.

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