Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Embarrassing Conspiracy Theories: Acts of Mass Murder are False Flag Attacks

Any time an act of mass murder occurs in this country, or even in other countries, conspiracy theorists automatically claim that it's a false flag attack. It doesn't matter to them whether it's an act of terrorism by an organized terrorist group, or an act of terrorism by some lone nut case, or just something that some lone nut case decided to do one day because they couldn't control their violent urges.

The main "reasoning" behind all of this, besides that fact that many conspiracy theorists don't believe that anyone would just randomly commit an act of mass murder, is the belief that these mass murders are staged in order to convince the public, or at least justify, that creating stricter gun control laws, and eventually outlawing firearms completely, is acceptable and reasonable.

The problem with this claim is that while some politicians often times do call for much more stricter gun control laws after a mass murder involving fire arms occurs, actual nation wide laws getting passed in this country regarding gun control is quite rare. In fact, the last major nation wide gun control law that was passed in this country was the Federal Assault Weapons Ban of 1994. Plus, in 2004 that law expired, and has never been renewed.

Most major gun control laws that exist in this country are not even federal laws, but state laws, or even local laws, and that's only if the state's constitution where that locality is at allows it to create gun control laws in the first place. In fact, some states barely have any gun control laws what so ever.

Also, another claim that conspiracy theorists tend to make, is that these acts of mass murder may be used as a way to justify imposing nation wide Martial law.

Now the problem with this claim is that Martial law has very rarely been imposed, even at the local level, and that's only when a major disaster, or a huge riot occurs. In fact, Martial law has only been imposed two times at the state level, and has only been imposed one time at the national level, and that was during the Civil War.

At no time in our history has Martial law ever been imposed as a result of an act of mass murder. In fact, the only time that any laws are passed when an act of mass murder occurs is when that act of mass murder is also an act of terrorism.

The fact is, is that acts of mass murder are done by people who are insane, have extremist political beliefs, or both.

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