Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Embarrassing Conspiracy Theories: FEMA camps

There is this growing belief among many conspiracy theorists that FEMA, and by extension, the United States government and the United Nations, is constructing prison camps. The reason behind this belief is another belief held by many conspiracy theorists is that the government is going to soon declare martial law in preparation for take over by the alleged "New World Order" (a group that conspiracy theorists claims to exist, but has never been able to prove exists), and that the camps are being constructed to hold people who might object to government or NWO authority.

This conspiracy theory is not new to me. In fact, the first time I heard about it was back in the mid 1990's while watching a day time talk show, and one of the guest on there was saying that the government was building death camps to kill white people...

The guest on that show was a member of the KKK, so obviously the person isn't the most reliable source of information on anything what so ever.

Now besides the historical interment camps used to illegally hold Japanese-American citizens back in the 1940's, there's no evidence what so ever that the US has any interment camps or prison camps. In fact, many alleged photos that are claimed to be FEMA camps are actually National Guard training camps, the interment camps used to hold Japanese-Americans, POW camps, real prisons that hold prisoners, or some other facility that would make sense to have a fence around and some security. Some of these photos are of actual prison camps... in North Korea.

Now if these FEMA camps really did exist, then shouldn't there be a lot of people who actually built these places and worked at these places be standing up and telling the public that these places do indeed exist, and what they will most likely be used for? In fact, as far as I know, no one who allegedly worked at an alleged FEMA camp has ever come forward and said that FEMA camps are real, and that they'll be used as prison camps.

Now some conspiracy theorists will say that the reason behind this is because the government has either managed to bribe or frighten everyone who ever helped construct or worked at a FEMA camp, but that would be very difficult to do, considering the thousands of people who would be needed to construct and run such places. The more logical reason why no one has ever come forward is because there's most likely nothing to come forward about.

Now there really are emergency housing facilities that are operated by FEMA that also have fencing around them, which I assume is to keep criminals out. Now these facilities are also sometimes confused for prison camps as well, but these places also have playground equipment on them, a lot like some public housing facilities and schools.

One more thing. When you take into consideration just how effective FEMA has been in the past, would you really want them to be in charge of a bunch of prison camps?

For a further reading on places that have been misidentified, please go to http://utistickyuubi.blog.com

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