Monday, July 22, 2013

5 Things I've noticed about... UFOs

UFO. It's a term and phenomenon that's been around with the public for decades now and has basically the main name used when someone claims they have seen an alien spaceship.

While there are many things that I have noticed about UFOs, I've narrowed it down to five things.

So here are five things I've noticed about UFOs:

5. People use that term in contrast what it really means.

I'm sure that most people know that "UFO" means Unidentified Flying Object, but most of the time now when someone uses the term UFO they don't actually use it to describe an object in the air that they can not identify at the moment, instead it now means to most people that when a person says that they are seeing a UFO that they mean to say that they are seeing what they believe is an alien spaceship.

Even if it turns out a UFO is really a alien spacecraft, then the term UFO can not be applied anymore because the Unidentified Flying Object has in fact been identified.

4. People take horrible pictures and videos of them.

Most photos and videos of UFOs tend to be pretty bad. Many of them are blurry and don't really give much details. Some of them just look like balls of light or some other featureless object in the sky that could really be just something simple like a balloon (and yes, balloons do get misidentified as UFOs).

While there are some good photos and videos of UFOs out there that are pretty detailed, there's just one little problem with most of them...

3. The good ones are faked.

There are good, detailed photos and videos of UFOs out there that can be easily found on the internet. The one problem that all these very highly detailed photos and videos have is that they are always found out to be fakes.

UFO photos and videos have been being faked for decades now, be it either using built from scratch models used from the 1950's on up til today, to digitally altered photos and videos that have been being made since the 1990's.

People will probably continue to make these fake UFO photos and videos because they tend to get people attention, while skeptics will continue to debunk them.

2. It's big business.

Regardless of whether or not UFOs are actually alien spacecrafts, man-made objects, or natural phenomenon, UFOs themselves have become a big business.

There's numerous movies, TV shows, and video games about UFOs, and even toys designed after what most people believe that UFOs (and aliens) look like. Of course lets not forget the numerous books on UFOs too.

Lets face it, the exploitation of UFOs is a multi-million dollar, if not billion dollar industry.

1. They can be easily explained.

Many people believe that UFOs are actually alien spacecraft, but the vast majority of them can be easily explained as being either man-made objects, aircraft, natural and weather related phenomenon, or even just a trick of light (and of course outright hoaxes).

Even those that can't be easily explain right away, can be explained after some investigation. Even with the ones that can't be explained at all it still doesn't mean that they're alien spacecraft. It just means that there is not enough information to figure out what it is that was seen.

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