Friday, July 12, 2013

5 Things I've noticed about... Crop Circles

Crop circles. For decades now they've been appearing in crop fields around the world. Sometimes they're small, simple circles. Sometimes they are enormous and complex, and contain multiple different shapes. While there are many things I've noticed about crop circles, I have narrowed it down to five things.

So here are things I've noticed about crop circles.

5. They're a poor way to communicate.

If aliens really are making these geometric shapes in fields of barley and wheat as a means to communicate with humans (as what many people who still believe that crop circles are made by aliens claim) then it really has to be the worst way to communicate with another intelligent species.

Beside the fact that whomever makes these things would require the people that they are intended for to be able to fly somehow (which is of course easy for us now) it would also require those people to have an understanding of what those shapes mean. That is of course if those shapes have any meaning to them at all...

To simply put, it would be far easier and less confusing for aliens to land in a public area and start talking to people than it would to putting shapes in a field of crops.

4. It's vandalism.

Regardless of whether or not it's bored human who want to create a giant piece of art, or aliens from a distant planet trying to communicate with up in the worst possible way, it's still vandalism, and it's not only damaging a part of a person's property, it's also destroying a part of a person's livelihood, and it's destroying food.

I would think that any beings that were advanced enough to build space ships that could cross hundreds, if not thousands of light years, would at the very least know it's not nice to destroy another species food even if it was to send a message (that no one can figure out).

I would say that I would like to know what kind of species makes these crop circles, but I already know which species makes these crop circles, because...

3. We make them.

Yes, despite what many people believe, crop circles are in fact made by humans. It doesn't matter how large or complex they are, human beings (sometimes many human beings at once) are the ones who are making these things.

Not only is it known that humans make them, it's been known for over 20 years that humans make them (and it was greatly suspected even when crop circles first started appearing in the 70's that they were made by humans). There's even videos on Youtube showing how to make crop circles:

2. There are people who still believe they are made by aliens.

Despite the fact that it's been known for over two decades now that humans are the ones making crop circles (with plenty of videos and arrest records to prove it) there are still people out there who refuse to believe that groups of people can get together, go out to some farmer's crop field in the middle of the night, and make some geometric shapes in a pattern...

Besides believing that these crop circles are made by aliens, they are very adamant about their belief that crop circles being messages from aliens, often times to the point of which they become hostel towards those whom tell them that crop circles are made by humans.

1. They're very artistic.

I admit it, I think crop circles are very artistic looking and pleasing to the eyes, and the size and scale of these creations, not to mention the complexity of some of these creations, just makes these things look awesome (despite the fact that they're still acts of vandalism). Some people even say that they're a form of modern art.

This is in fact all that crop circles, art. They are not made by aliens. They are made by humans. Even the seemingly very complex ones can be easily made by humans after enough practice.

There is no hidden messages behind these things. They're just there to be look at and be admired.


  1. With a US govt known for keeping secrets in the interest of "National Security", it is no wonder they create images in the crops. They are subtle messages displayed to the public & there is nothing the govts can do to hide them except call them pranks. They "bend" the stems so no vandalism occurs, they can grow back- unlike broken hoax ones. Most "artists" claim their works, even pranksters cant prove how they made a lot of them. Balls of light? Military helicopters? Answer to arecibo message by Sagan?
    Mysterious death of Paul Vigay who deciphered alien face & binary code message? Images of solar system,DNA,sacred geometry & quantum physics?
    33 conspiracy theories have been proven true,does this mean all conspiracies are true?

  2. Yes humans make fake or hoax cropcircles, but no one has claimed the image style pictograms of the arecibo message or the alien face & binary code disc message.
    "Un-masked-secrets of deception" doesnt explain a lot of things associated with the real phenomenon.
    Team-satan/Circlemakers are a MI5 paid team used to promote the man-made theory> John Lungdren has just made a doco called "Mirage men", black ops promoting ufos to cover secret planes.
    They were flown to NZ to make this attempt at a Mandlebrot formation> away from cropcircle experts in the UK.
    They made this under towerlights.Cant be done in pitchblack.
    They had pre-staked the layout during the day.
    It was mowed out at daylight so no one could examine the broken stems & stake holes> definite signs of prank.
    Obvious disinfo setup being placed in a show about tricks of deception, to categorize by association.

    Cropcircles are a global phenomenon so they arent responsible for every single formation. Even Doug & Dave the original pranksters credited with creating them couldnt explain the ones in the north of UK let alone other countries.

    The most Ironic thing about team satan/circlemakers is they are paid to create circles & thus prove a manmade origin.
    Why then would they create DNA strands,solar systems,quantum physics,alien images & a reply to the arecibo message sent into space to bring attention back towards an alien/ufo connection to the real makers??
    There is a video called "UFO's making crop cirles". A woman videos 5 strange diamond shaped lights flashing on/off over a field in the am hours, then the next morning discovers in the field they were over an incredible, complex design.