Friday, April 5, 2013

5 Things I've noticed about... Psychics

Ever watched a psychic on TV, or met one in real life? Well other than meeting one in real life, I sure have, and I have noticed certain things psychics that they tend to do a lot of.

So here are five things that I've I've noticed about psychics:

5. They apparently don't play the lottery.

Despite the claims of many psychics that they can predict the future and that they can use that power to help guide other people in a positive way, none of them apparently plays the lottery so that they can win lots of money and not have to charge people $50 so they can talk to their dead relatives for 20 minutes.

(Author's note: that last part is just a guess. I don't have any clue what the average going rate for speaking to a psychic is.)

4. They make lousy detectives.

There have been hundreds, if not thousands of criminal investigations in which psychics came in and either volunteered, or were actually asked by an officer on the case to use their powers to help solve a case. Currently not a one has ever solved a case.

In fact the total success rate for psychic detectives isn't even zero, it's actually in the negatives because sometimes the psychic leads the investigative officers to the wrong person, and this has even lead to some innocent people being arrested.

3. They ask a lot of questions.

For people who's powers are suppose to let them know everything, they sure do ask a lot of questions before they start to give a person answer to the question that they originally asked.

Why the heck would a psychic need to ask a bunch of questions for in the first place? In fact why would anyone need to ask a psychic a question? Shouldn't they already know what question you want to ask them?

2. None of the celebrity psychics want to be verified.

It seems that none of the famous, or celebrity psychics, ever bother to go and get their powers verified by a scientific institution that offers to test a person to see if they actually have psychic powers.

One of the most famous of these verification programs is the James Randi Educational Foundation's One Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge, where upon verification of your powers, you will be awarded one million dollars!

So far the only celebrity that agreed to take this challenge was Sylvia Browne, and she backed out.

1. Anyone can be a psychic!

Yep, that's right! Anyone can be a psychic!

No, not everyone (or anyone for that matter) has the power to talk to the dead, or to see the future. What I mean is that everyone has the ability to use a technique that most (if not all) people who claim to be psychics use. That technique is called cold readings, and is basically a combination of deception and observation to make a person think that a psychic knows more than what they really do.

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