Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Why I refuse to Debate Bigots

I'm sure we have all encountered a bigot on the internet, be it a someone who who hates black people, or Hispanic people, or Jewish people, or Muslims, or homosexuals, or just anyone who is different from them.

Recently on the Thrive Debunked blog I encountered a person who not only greatly believed in the pseudoscience of numerology (to the point where he thought that Thrive's release date of 11/11/2011 meant that the movie's creator, Foster Gamble, created the movie as part of some type of Illuminati/occult dis-information campaign), but also thought that a "Jewish-Zionist" (his words) conspiracy was responsible for the 9/11 attacks...

At that point in time I decided that I would no longer have any discussions or debates with this person.

The main reason I decided not to continue any further discussions with this person is because I know it would be pointless, because bigots and people who believe in bigoted based conspiracy theories tend to be the least reasonable people there are.

Not only do bigots like this person tend to be less intelligent than non-bigots, they also tend to be extremely stubborn, and are usually unwilling to give any ground what so ever, or even acknowledge any sort of logical or fact based argument what so ever.

Now usually it would be pointless to debate even a non-bigoted conspiracy theorist as they tend to have clouded judgement, and usually they have an unwillingness to accept reality, but at least they are not so unreasonable that they believe that certain groups of people are either beneath them, or out right evil because of a that group's religious beliefs, their race, their ethnic background, or their sexuality.

Bigoted conspiracy theorists tend to be the more hostile then your average conspiracy theorist as well. They usually descend into posting vile comments on the internet much quicker then a no-bigoted conspiracy theorist usually would, and they even sometimes post comments that would be considered threatening, or are in fact directly threatening someone, or post other types of comments that would draw the attention of law enforcement.

Bigoted conspiracy theorists will tend to sometimes believe in the more bizarre conspiracy theories that are out there, and simply put the more bizarre a conspiracy theory a person believes in, the less rational and reasonable a person tends to be, and they are usually much more paranoid then most people as well.

In addition to all of this, they also tend to post and publish information that they know is completely false in order to try to make it appear that their beliefs are justified, or at least reasonable.

Bigots usually tend to feel that any arguments made against their conspiracy theories is nothing more then dis-information, and thus "proof" that the conspiracy theories that they believe in are factual. This is the main reason why I do not debate bigots, because I do not want to fuel their belief that the conspiracy theories that they believe in are real, and that the only real way to fight them is to refuse to debate them at all. This is my way of telling a bigoted conspiracy theorist that their beliefs are so false that it will not even warrant my attention, and that hopefully isolating them and not giving them any attention will make them rethink their beliefs.


  1. when you debate a Zeitgeist beleiver on youtube (Like I did).... man, it just gets out of hand

    1. Zeitgeist members (those that are left, which are very few)can be some of the most volatile people you can encounter.